Classic Flashback - Final Fantasy XI

Myst writes: "Upon it’s release Final Fantasy XI used an interesting set-up as to how the game would be played. It soon came to be a Final Fantasy title that was multiplayer only. Although it had a story that most have come to expect from the ‘series’ it was one that would take quite a while to get through. The time spent in Vana’diel was a long one and although it may not be a classic to some as there are those still playing it; Final Fantasy XI before the patches that made it easier left a lasting memory in my gaming life."

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Outside_ofthe_Box3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

lol @ 'classic flashback.'

Myst3035d ago

Yeah I know it's not really classic but in terms of a game one remembers it was kind of a classic at least for me lol :p

Blax3034d ago

Definitely a classic for those who became enthralled in the world. Memories.

Myst3034d ago

Yeah glad I'm not the only one who finds it a classic still :).

Went down memory lane with some friends and basically talked about the people we met on it and everything. From inside our Linkshell to outside the game was really great and how I wish gaming turned out these days of co-operation in the games that need them.

NegativeCreepWA3034d ago

Great game, They should updated it instead of making XIV.

Myst3034d ago

Well the people on-board it now are trying to make it similar to Final Fantasy XIV but despite the current rate it's going even though it seems good I have my doubts. Just too many changed aspects seem to keep it from being the hard grinding co-operative fest that was FFXI, Maybe I'm wrong I haven't delved too much into the changes and awaiting the PS3 version but I hope it will at least be something like 11.

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Coltrane_C3034d ago

I still play this on a free server....its great

catfrog3034d ago

great game, i put a lot of time into it, was sad to see it go :(

Myst3033d ago

Same here I really miss all the people I met. I mean I didn't know them but I felt like I kind of did :(

catfrog3032d ago

i tried going to ff14 with a bunch of the people i met on 11, but 14 wasnt of the best quality on release and most people ended up leaving. very sad :(

i still believe that if they had a functioning battle system that was more similar to 11's party system, a lot more people would have stayed just to play with their friends

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