Mistborn saga gets an RPG makeover

Brandon Sanderson has already dipped his toe into the murky waters of video games, creating the novelisation of Infinity Blade late last year. Now Sanderson is looking at things from the other side of the fence, with Little Orbit working on an RPG based on his best-selling epic fantasy series, Mistborn.

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lastdual3028d ago

Have no idea how the game will be, but Sanderson is a great author, and I'd definitely recommend the Mistborn trilogy to anyone who enjoys unique fantasy novels.

Hatiko3028d ago

Brandon Sanderson, the guy who writes 10000000000000 page novels

NeoBasch3028d ago

ummm... fuck yeah! This just jumped to one of my most anticipated games. The fact that Sanderson's penning the narrative is more than I could ever ask. The guy is going to be writing circles around the entire industry. He has a God given gift that is simply unparalleled. Just don't forget about Stormlight and Warbreaker.