BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Review []

GamingUnion: "Aksys Games and ARC System Works' BlazBlue series has been around for a while now, starting with the first game Calamity Trigger and its follow-up sequel Continuum Shift (which was upgraded for free to Continuum Shift II for console players). While the developer has stated they are working on the third game in the series, they still wanted to give the series another boost in the meantime: enter Continuum Shift Extend. Even with new playable character Relius Clover, new story mode segments and a bevy of gameplay mechanic changes, one must ask: is it worth the price for players to re-purchase the game at its budget price and is the PlayStation Vita version a solid enough competitor to its console siblings?"

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mephman2404d ago

Great to hear it ported over well to the Vita.