Next Week on the US/CA PSN: June 18th, 2013 – 2 PS Vita Games, 1 New PlayStation Plus Free Game

Since everyone was at E3 this week, and are likely to spend a little while recovering from the event, the slate of games for June 18th is a very light one, with not a single PlayStation 3 game scheduled for release at this moment. Of course, The Last of Us is out today/tomorrow. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers4058d ago

I'd prefer BlazBlue, but I'd be happy with either.

knifefight4058d ago

Blazblue is such an underrated series. Great 2D fighting right there.

Kevin ButIer4058d ago

Lol that image is so next gen

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4058d ago

Isn't blazblue already in the insant collection. I already have it in my purchase list and I know I didn't buy it. God Eater Burst will be the next title. Which is also an awesome game. One of my fav. PSP games actually.

Donnieboi4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

BlazBlue is already free on ps plus right now sir. I have it.

Also: What ever happened to us getting Saints Row The Third this month?

TrendyGamers4058d ago

It'll show up either this Tuesday or next.

Interface234058d ago

BlazBlue is already in the IGC

RiPPn4058d ago

Was just about to post this, and aren't we supposed to be getting Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward?

Donnieboi4058d ago

Next week for Zero escape

Campy da Camper4058d ago

Lol most of PlayStation owners are gonna be deep into the last of us. Got tom off work geting it at 10am Woot!


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Naughty Dog Should Remake Jak and Daxter, and Here's Why

Let's take it back to the old school.

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_SilverHawk_690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

They would never do that because they are known for a certain quality to their games which requires a lot of work. Sony would have to charge full price for the game and a lot of poor people will cry about the price.

I've played jak and Daxter recently and I can tell the games were amazing in there time. Sony would want a high quality release to attract old fans and new fans but I don't see that happening at all.

CaptainHenry916689d ago

Sony likes to rely on remakes now. So it's possible

CrimsonWing69689d ago

Wait, all they make now are remakes?

_SilverHawk_689d ago (Edited 689d ago )


You need to understand that a lot of people crying about playstation pledged allegiance to some other gaming company. Most of them only own a gaming system or two and it's quite evident which gaming console has been steadily releasing high quality games regularly for a while which has been the case for a few generations

SonyStyled689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

It’s my favorite franchise, and the reason I moved from Nintendo to PlayStation 20yrs ago. I would love to see a successor with the same crude humor, alcohol drinking, tobacco smoking, and sexual humor.
To replicate that atmosphere could upset a crowd today since platformers largely target children now.
Is there another platformer today that’s dark, gritty, and characters committing suicide (Krew)?
For platformers now it’s SpongeBob, Astrobot, and Ratchet…

neutralgamer1992689d ago

ND won't remake it but some other studio could do it. Especially with remakes now getting quality content/resources they maybe able to do jak and Dexter trilogy into one giant game with improvements

RaidenBlack690d ago

I doubt ND'll handle Jak & Daxter any time soon.
Instead Sony'll assign the Remake to some other studio(smaller), like team asobi or bluepoint (I know these studios are doing some other stuffs but I am just using them as examples) or even contact Sumo or Lucid.

purple101690d ago

Naughty dog should focus on new and Interesting ideas. Like they always do

goldwyncq689d ago

They've been stuck doing nothing but Uncharted and TLOU for 3 generations now.

--Onilink--689d ago

Lol at your disagrees, I love Uncharted and LoU, but its not even a subjective thing. They have quite literally only done Uncharted and LoU games for 3 generations (so far). In terms of new ideas, I wouldn’t necessarily make them to be some kind of example. There are plenty of other things in which they are industry leaders and thats perfectly fine

tay8701689d ago

well when you make masterpiece after masterpiece with those 2 with those ips, peope are going to want more of each. u might get your wish if the rumors of their next space themed ip strays crossong are true.

purple101687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

If I'm right...

Crash bandicoot ps1
Jack & daxter ps2
The last of us ps3
Uncharted ps3 & ps4 & Psp

Now it's time for something new for ps5

ClayRules2012690d ago

I’d personally love to see Bluepoint Remake Jak and Daxter, knowing their pedigree and respect to handling past remakes.

I want Naughty Dog to finish up Factions (knowing that according to Neil it’ll have a story for it’s MP, but also in some ways be it’s biggest game and most ambitious, if I’m not mistaken, someone correct me if I’m wrong! Haha.) Also, along with just gearing the team (s) I’m not sure if they’re doing 2 teams at the studio again or just one big team (minus a smaller group that worked on Part 1 for PS5) but would like to see them more focused on their next NEW iP exclusively for PS5, be it savage Starlight or something else entirely.

Either way, I’m looking forward to have my mind 🤯 lol

Profchaos689d ago

Same I'm so tired of hearing it's coming but never seeing it.

ClayRules2012689d ago

Me too. I hope if and when they show it, we’ll get a release date and or a beta maybe? I mean, we’ve waited so long for it.

ClayRules2012688d ago

Yeah, I’d be great to see them do it. I believe they’d do a really great job!