Assassins Creed 3 Screenshots Arrive

The first images from Assassins Creed 3 have arrived, and boy does it look good.

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aCasualGamer2404d ago


I... I... I want this game NOW!

emekcrash2404d ago

Indeed, very impressive.

aCasualGamer2404d ago

I especially love the canoe picture and the one of Connor overlooking the town on a sunny winter day.

I can't say this enough, but i hated the fact that they ditched the puzzles in Revelations(In puzzles I mean those crypts that you had to decode and those old paintings that you had to figure out the meaning to). I really hope they bring those back in AC3, I loved those conspiracy stories.

Double_Oh_Snap2404d ago

WOW, just lovely canoe shot is priceless.

Intentions2404d ago

If those are in game it looks good =D.

VanillaBear2404d ago

I love how they said Connor would be totaly netural and wouldn't get involved in the war yet all the stuff we've seen is him killing red coats. I don't see why Ubisoft lied....are they trying not to get people upset. I suppose it's better us Brits getting upset, a small country compared to somewhere like all of America.

Shane Kim2404d ago

Oh come on. We kill afghans and arabs all the fucking time. Now suddenly you get upset over some dead brits?

Intentions2404d ago

Hmmm, it's alright to kill germans huh?

LarVanian2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Don't take it too personal, at the end of the day this is just a game. It may be set during a real life event, but most of it will probably be complete fiction. And who knows, Ubisoft may only be 'unintentionally' showing pictures in which Connor fights the British. There are probably many sections within the game in which he fights Americans too.

VanillaBear2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago ) you have it all wrong, I swear it's not about personal issues, I couldn't give a crap....reall.

It just seems that everytime it's

"America vs <insert Country here>"

America are always the good guys, but it dosen't make sense for a AC game with what they've said about America being the central base for Templars in the game and the fact that "storywise" to fit into whats happened in Desmonds present, Assassins being nearly wiped out while Templars control the world for example, that it would be a perfect time (since it's the last AC game in this trilogy) show the templars rising to power while the Assassins decreasing in numbers thus leading to how the "Americans/Templars" won the war and how theres hardly no Assassins around in the present to help Desmond.

It dosen't bother me personaly, it just dosen't fit with AC and what they've said about the templars in past games. Seems like they had a good opponity with the overall story and wasted it not to upset the bigger audience. I mean lets face it the UK is soft as sh*t, especialy with the government, while America......well, say the wrong thing and they'll say something.

Simco8762404d ago

Actually I believe he will be fighting both sides. Templar will probably be placed inside the American army. Makes sense though...Britain = Europe = Templars (mostly).

He will probably just care about his people and their land/honor not being stomped on. So anyone who goes against that...he is after.

h311rais3r2404d ago

Just cus he is neutral doesn't mean he's fighting both sides.

shackdaddy2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Thing is Britain controled that whole area back then so the guards in control would be British redcoats. That doesn't mean you won't be killing rebels. I mean, I'm pretty sure you have a mission at Valley Forge. I'm sure you have to assasinate some type of colonist officer there...

Oschino19072403d ago

Never was intrigued enough with past AC games but this game being set in the area it is and the time period has me watching it close. I live near Valley Forge and have been there many times, I hope they do it justice in the game. Hope they have a decent amount of game in Pennsylvania and old school Philadelphia also. Lots of early American history in my state and we proudly celebrate it. Wonder if they will have Pennsylvania Deutch characters? They were my ancestors.

ZippyZapper2404d ago

Why are you Brits crying about this but have no problem killing everyone else? Could it be because you lost and got spanked?

SAE2403d ago

it's just a game but when you disrespect the arabs or afghans or british or american or anyone then that's not a game to you ...

what's importent is that you respect every one , we all humens , i could make a game about killing you but what i mean of making is to enjoy a game then it's ok but when i make it to disrespect you and spread hate agaisnt you then that's a different story , i hope people understand this ...

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