Best and Worst of Wii for 2007

A look back at the Wii's best and worst bits of 2007 along with predictions for the Wii in 2008.

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MK_Red4576d ago

WTf!? Wii had so many crappy games and they only post 3 compared to good ones. What the **** happened to Metroid Prime 3, Zack & Wiki? WTF are MySims and Wii Sports doing there?

They act as if Wii didn't have lots of crappy games. Where's Jenga? Anubis 2? Golden Compass? Alvin and Chipmunks? Dragon Blade? Spider-mane 3 Wii? Seriously,3 bad ones against 7 good ones. Is that really ratio of bad to good games?

Brainiac 84576d ago

They didn't list that many of the numerous bad games the Wii has been flooded with this year.

but but but....

While not one of best games on the Wii, MySims was at least a valid attempt at creating something unique for the Wii, and I for one enjoyed it quite a bit. I think for the sole reason that it was an attempt at a new property for the Wii, it deserves to be on the list, especially since it will probably have many of the issues kinked out in the sequel.

Dragon Blade, while a little cookie cutter, was a decent attempt at a GOW clone by a small independant developer. I don't think it was one of the worst games on the Wii at all, and while it's not worth a purchase, it's worth a rent for an interesting (albight cookie cutter) take on the hack and slash genre.

Everything created by Data Design Interactive should be on the worst list. (NinjaBread Man and Anubis II come to mind)

Plus Tomagatchi: Party On. (Which even without playing it, you know it's an abomination.)

MK_Red4576d ago

I see what you mean on MySims though I disagree on Dragon Blade.

My biggest problem with list is HOW on earth they are both among goods but there is no Metroid Prime 3 or Zack & Wiki.
Also, WTF is SSX doing there? It wasn't GOTY but it also wasn't terrible.

Brainiac 84576d ago

Metroid Prime 3 and Zack & Wiki should be on that list. For some sad reason, MP3 seems to have been forgotten by most gaming sites already. Maybe it's the release of SMG that did it. But it has been criminally left off of almost all the best of Wii end of the year lists.

Fortunately though, Zack & Wiki have been placed on most of the lists, as it should be. I truly hope the rumored sequel is happening.

Brainiac 84576d ago

And Spider-Man 3 should be on the worst list for all three consoles.

What a horrible follow up to the promising Spider-Man 2.

djt234576d ago

how is SSX Blur it bad it was a good game come on

MK_Red4576d ago

Good one. The game is not that bad and better than Wii Sports and MySims IMO.

wiizy4576d ago

wii is going to be getting some really good games this year.. cant wait..

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