Binary Domain Review 2nd opinion (TotallyGN)

TotallyGN writes:I, Robot? You, Robot?
You are Dan Marshall, you lead your “Rust” team, an international pick and mix of stereotypes of tough men and ladies, on a mission to neo-Tokyo to retire lots and lots, and then possibly more Robots. These robots work for a corporation known as Amada and who have secretly begun to develop and deploy “Hollow Children”; Fleshy robots designed to look like humans, so meticulously created that they themselves are not aware of their robotic nature. Such robotics have been deemed illegal by International law and it’s up to you and your Rust team to infiltrate Amada and put a stop to the creation of the Hollow Children. Is this a mission worthy of your effort? Or should you leave it up to Will Smith and Harrison Ford?

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Pintheshadows2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Really enjoyed this game. It may look like just another tps but it is a quite mad and unique take on the genre.

Japan can do shooters. This and Vanquish are prime examples.

svoulis2400d ago

One of my favorite games in a while. This game is just all out fun. Online is good too but a little buggy.

nuttyjawa2400d ago

I really struggled to find any online games :(, but awesome game non the less :D

svoulis2400d ago

When I would find games to join they would be Japanese servers, so it was always laggy. I tried but eventually just let it go. I may give it another run on the hardest a few months from now but as it stands, the game is too new in my head to go back to it.

Pintheshadows2400d ago

I'd say it's the best full price game i've played so far this year. It just constantly throw crazy things at you. The two motorway chase scenes are intense, especially the latter one, the writing has the perfect balance of cheese and most importantly the shooting is amazing.

svoulis2400d ago

Yea, it sucks that this game didn't get the attention it deserved by any means. Its one of those Diamond in the rough type of games.