GNT: Record of Agarest War

GNT: I am possibly going to offend many JRPG fans today.

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Shivan2404d ago

Very very very respectful.......... but I disagree.......I love the 3 agarest srpgs..........

this has been an srpg golden age this gen

TheColbertinator2404d ago

I don't know how many JRPG fans would be offended.I enjoy JRPGs but I'm not a fan of Agarest.Its a moderately successful game but not every RPG fan has it in their collection.

Shivan2404d ago

srpgs are generally a hyper hardcore thing to begin with.

Its actually been very successful for aksyss and idea factory

TheColbertinator2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I am a fan of SRPGs also such as Disgaea 4,Valkyria Chronicles and Suikoden Tactics but Agarest is not my thing.

Shivan2404d ago

very different kinds of srpgs exist.