Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DOES Feature Local Splitscreen Co-op

While the story campaign of ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ can be played cooperatively online with four players, fans can also enjoy local split screen co-op play with the game’s new Guerrilla horde mode.

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chanmasta2404d ago

Awesome!! Can't complain about that!

Farsendor12404d ago

thought this was canceled on pc? if it is coming to pc great news. and even better with local co op but i wonder if pc will have local co op?

chanmasta2404d ago

Nope, apparently it was a misunderstanding quite a while back. Ubisoft have confirmed a PC release for it many times since then. I agree! And I hope so. I'm sick of having less features in a game on a platform that has more features than consoles.

Daver2404d ago

I doubt the PC version will have local co-op