PS3Blog.Net: Japan’s CyberConnect2 President Chats about Naruto and .Hack’s Future

Paul writes: I had an opportunity to interview Hiroshi Matsuyama at Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim, California recently and this is what he had to say about his latest game, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations.

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Shadonic3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Ranked matches should be 1v1 matches with no time limits and add the option to rematch to.

The spammers ohh my god the spammers.

needs to add clashes back.

Adding numbered kawas has just made it easier for people to spam you to use up your kawas and get you into inescapable combos at least tweak it.

Characters need to be balanced alot.

runners need to be taken care of in some sort of way.

Needs a more in depth fighting add in the ability to dodge attacks while holding block and movein analog stick.

cancels can be improved and air dashing and regular dashing after a combo needs to be fixed a bit.

I know i may be asking for alot but today i ran into another player that believed he was good i had 2 matches against him ( 3 including my little brother) on 2 matches we both got each other to a small chunk of our health. He fought like the other 90% of players who camp the ranked lobby matches and just spammed his supports trying to grind down my shields and kawas, seeing this patter since the beginning of storm 2 i easily got away from it but because he had kiba even if i dodged his attack from the human player the AI still hit me. I ended up losing because i ran out of kawas at the end and he grabbed me even though i attempted to escape the move that doesn’t always require action connection with the opponent to work. This had happened twice with the first time being him just spamming young kiba whose jutsu is very broken and is fast and also breaks through almost any move. As all the cocky players do they gloat and talk big for some reason he had a group of grown man in the background telling vulgar language at me even though we both came to near wins with him winning only because of the games unperfected combat. The third match ended with him running away from me after he got off one lucky hit by his support characters that did more damage than the actual player. After his win he continued to yell in his mic having dealt with countless other players identical to this opponent i immediately challenged him to a 1v1 battle that doesn’t use support characters he immediately left. I sent messages which he probably didn’t read this is the first person that ive fought whose actually declined a 1v1 the person i last fought who played just like this player was supposedly a MLG in storm 2 he beat me in support matches by doing the very broken minato insta teleport rasengan spam on me which instantly breaks your shield and stuns you each time. I challenged him to a 1v1 he accepted after i kicked his ass to the point where he couldn’t do anything he quit on me. IDk why i even wrote out this experience but i just want your honest opinions who’s the victor in all of this?