ZTGD | The 3rd Birthday Review

Ken McKown writes: In an interesting approach, I am taking a step back and reviewing a game that was released nearly a year ago on the PSP. We never got a chance to review The 3rd Birthday on our site, which is a shame because I am personally a huge fan of the Parasite Eve series. Thankfully, we now have that chance, and on a new console. Our entire review was played solely on the PS Vita system with the new features that it brings to your downloaded PSP games. Does it hold up on a new system almost a year later? The answer is a resounding yes.

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Hicken2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Stop what? What are you even referring to? Be clear.

Edit: Apparently it didn't suck to everyone. True, it was nothing like the first two, but that's a bit different than just being outright bad.

And it's hardly a port, since it's just the digital version on Vita, and the ability to map the camera.

Still, to each his own.

rataranian2401d ago

This game. No need to review it any further. Or discuss it. Or port it a second time because the first time sucked.

MasterCornholio2401d ago

I am not surprised that the game controls better on the Vita because having 2 analog sticks instead of just one nub vastly improves gameplay. It improves it so much that it inspired Nintendo to create the CCP acessory. Im glad that Sony created them after listening to the developers.


TheDivine2401d ago

Its a great game, not a great PE game but its pretty damn epic and fun on vita. Looks good, controlls well, and i like strategy elements.

izumo_lee2401d ago

For me personally the game gets a bad rap. Sure the story is all over the place (guess who wrote the story?) but the game is pretty great thanks to the gameplay & customization.

Fans of the original Parasite Eve games like myself are turned off by "Aya's" character & to me that is unfair to the game. Although the story is the main issue with the game there is a reason for that change in character & that is what made me enjoy the game more. Granted you have to read the ever changing events in the menus once you get what is really happening the game turns out to be quite a surprise.

I have it on my Vita & i agree with the reviewers assessment that the Vita's controls improve the game greatly.