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Xbox 360's Heat Will Melt Candles

Images of a candle that was sitting behind an Xbox 360, turned into a melted pile of wax.

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Nevers6036d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
skagrerrrr6036d ago

"Don't block the vents with anything larger than your 2" wiener (LOL)."

Stray_Wulf6036d ago

i dont get why microsoft doesnt make a model that produces less heat or any problems for that matter, rather than just ripping of "other consoles" by adding HDMI and hi def audio and stuff like that...

Amsterdaam6036d ago

My PS3 gets equally as hot as my 360. All others claiming otherwise are lying out their asses.

titntin6036d ago

Hey - all PC's run hot and that's by-product of the amount of work going on with tthe CPU's and the GPU's. It common with high powered devices, and all PC's and the PS3 will also produce heat (though not as much).

This will be helped by the smaller 360 chip set coming online soon, and they have also redesigned the heatsink.

Given the heat it does produce, they should have been a little more robust in the design of the componants, as the heat and the associated board warping are the prime cause of the RROD issues. Reports seem to suggest this is mainly fixed with the newer chipsets and board designs though - but there will always be excessive heat to eject unless you introduce a water powered cooling system like in some high end PC's! Obviously that would be too expensive.

Though I find the machine a little noisy, I don't mind the heat as it saves on my heating bill in the winter! :)

heyheyhey6036d ago

that was pretty funny- xbox must be stopped before all candles die, i urge you to smash your 360 before its too late for all soft products

Prismo_Fillusion6036d ago

Wax melts at 113 degrees F (45 C).
That's only 15 degrees higher than human body temperature.
Is it really that shocking that a current-gen console would emit that amount of heat? It's not that much...

psychotic_duck6036d ago

If it's not that hot, why don't you try holding onto the back of a 360 for an entire gaming session. You could get dotted burns. It'd look cool I guess.

Prismo_Fillusion6036d ago

I'd love to try that, but I don't own one!
Maybe next time.