Examiner Review - MotoHeroz: Rugged Race

Examiner: MotoHeroz (99¢, iPhone) is a new "trials" type racing game from Ubisoft. The premise of the game is that in a side scrolling, 2D fashion, the player must race across a multitude of levels that range from 10 seconds to a minute long. These levels are set among a variety of locales. These include areas such as forests, deserts, and even blizzard locations. To race across these courses the player is able to drive a variety of cars (dependent on the course). The gameplay offers the simple, but rewarding "3 stars" gameplay. This ranks you on your performance racing and picking up items in the course from one to three stars. The player can even race against their friends using automatically recorded ghosts so that both players can try to beat the other's time.

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