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Kyle Stepp states, "Indeed, when I'm playing a game like Super Stardust Delta, I'm often reminded of how I'd rather be playing something else."

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forevercloud30002496d ago

Dammit where is the "Dislike" button? This review was garbage and docks points from an awesome game for being different to only SLIGHTLY similar games in the same genre. Geometry Wars is super over rated and I really wish they would stop comparing GW with SS. SS Delta is firstly only 9.99 and offers about the same amount of content as those other games. The reviewer almost seems to try and pawn SS as too simple when the game is anything but. Challenge is built within every fiber of SSDelta. He should try dodging opposing colored objects while destrong the other with its matching set, while trying to boost through a line of points and breaking through astroids, all the while evading killer spin tops.

Robustbob2493d ago

Terrible review!! I Feel like this guy played one level on easy and wrote it off. This game has deep gameplay for a $10 twin stick shooter. I don't need to go into it because there are many reviews of this game that make all the points I want to. I'm just disappointed that this garbage gets posted.