Gamespot: Ninja Gaiden 3 Review

Previous Ninja Gaiden games assumed you were a master swordsman. They gave you the tools to succeed and expected you to use them, having you bounding from walls before plunging a sharp blade into your enemies' bowels in a series of dizzying attacks.

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ritsuka6662405d ago

Geezz..This proves once again just how much of a joke Gamespot reviews are.

Blasphemy2405d ago

Why do you say that? It's getting bad reviews from alot of places.

iChii2404d ago

Not only that, I played the game itself and its horrible. I enjoyed Ninja Gaiden Sigma a lot, but this game is just plain horrible. It's not even worth renting.

The_Kills2404d ago

They fired Jeff after he gave his honest opinion of K&L(who provided ad money to the site) end of story Gamespot reviews at the point haven't been read by me. But at least this isn't a ridiculous 3/10

guitarded772404d ago

Exactly... still, it shouldn't stop anyone from playing it. If you like Ninja Gaiden, play it. I'll wait for a price drop, but I'm sure I'll end up playing it. Like The_Kills said, Gamespot gave a horrible score to Kane and Lynch, but I love the franchise... I bought both games for like $15 each new because I waited and I had more than $15 worth of fun with each (that sounds kinda dirty).

morganfell2404d ago

I have said it before and I will say it again. Websites and magazines, blogs, and loudmouths all.

When they have no finely detailed grading standards stating to what they lend weight and for what they detract points then their remarks and comments are a disservice to the game community.

When such sites have zero editorial policy or control then they are a blight upon out pastime.

When they fail to disclose the nature of what they are gifted before the review then such entities are wholly untrustworthy and little more than corporate mouthpieces for the higher bidder or as in several recent cases, angry fanboys with an agenda that is as far from objectivity as one can wander.

The recent IGN review is a sad case of an adolescent with internet access and a platform that has done more harm to gaming than any bad title.

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Chucky20032405d ago

did you play the game to say this?

Boody-Bandit2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Nearly every publication is reviewing this game poorly. It's obvious it's not a conspiracy but a very disappointing game. This is what happens when devs take a beloved franchise and dumb it down for the masses. I am a huge fan of the series and at this point my interest has really dropped. Dropped to a point where I will rent it, eventually, maybe.

Kalowest2404d ago

"This is what happens when devs take a beloved franchise and dumb it down for the masses."

I'm looking at you DmC.

Darrius Cole2404d ago


The saddest part is that you can see it coming, isn't it?

eferreira2404d ago

I'm a huge ninja gaiden fan and can clearly see this game isn't great.

Frankfurt2404d ago

You're not only an apologist, but a very casual apologist. Nobody that likes playing real action games would defend Ninja Gaiden 3.

There's a reason the metacritic is 59 out of 100 for this garbage - the game was made for 5-year-olds that can't play real games.

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dark-hollow2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I can't believe how people defend this pos!!

Are you really happy with dumped down, easy to play, aimed at mainstream gamers ninja gaiden???

Sorry but they totally deserve it!
Ninja gaiden was all hardcore action that's very rare in this Gen and now it joins resident evil, final fantasy and DMC as the franchises that lost their ways because they wanted to extend the appeal to the cod crowd while screwing the old fans.

The trend of dumbing down and aiming at the cod crowd most END!!!

ElementX2405d ago

I think you mean "dumbed" down

pwnmaster30002404d ago

Im sorry, but no much how I agree with you. People need to.stop.saying cod crowd. Because first of all, I dont even think cod crowd will like this.
Dont blame cod fan ( fps ) for ninja gaidan ( hack and slash adventure ) failure.

Marked2404d ago

Its the money they strive for hense....the fans :) The industry has been invested in by hungery wallets, since its growth in the early 90s. Its no longer about creating a beautifully inspired game.....its about making that COD money.

MaxXAttaxX2404d ago

He means n00bs.
People whose first console was released on 2005.
Or just overall casual gamers.

SAE2404d ago

i know this even befor i buy it , but im a fan of ninja gaiden 1 so i bought it ..

Diver2404d ago

dude I agree. all these people saying the game sucks an that's why they canceled it. what the ****? so many people hating this game are going by reviews an haven't gamed it. played all the ng titles an this is a hell of a action title.


a big part of the review explains that this isnt the Ninja Gaiden game you expect. So if you love previous once, the review is basically telling you that it isnt the same game. "Rather than look to previous games in the series, developer Team Ninja seems to be relying on God of War for inspiration, but misses the mark more often than not. " but again, its opinion based

ZippyZapper2404d ago

I like "dumped" more because this game is sh!t.

A-Glorious-Dawn2404d ago

In the future, games will play themselves for the enjoyment of their viewers....

oh and btw, DMC is next up for nooobification...

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brettyd2405d ago

Can people now accept that this games sucks?

kevnb2405d ago

Some people might like it. While reviews were high many actual gamers found ninja gaiden frustrating and lacking in story. Mind you I don't agree with the new direction but I see where it came from.

SuperLupe2404d ago

Great comment lol. Quite rare on this site.

That said, same here dont think i'll ever purchase it from what i've heard/seen.

ninjaman9992405d ago

Weapons from NG black and 2 are DLC weapons for this game. Not to menton the game focuses on the dragon blade and puts MUCh less emphesis on the other iconic weapons of the series. Does noone see a problem with this???

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