Bioshock Infinite’s 1999 Mode Gets it Refreshingly Right- Why multiple gaming styles is innovative


"For me gaming represents an escape and entertainment, not a opportunity to thump my chest in glory at having showed my gaming prowess.

But when I hear someone like Ken Levine say that in modern gaming “You lose this edge-of-your-seat management and sense that if you beat the game you’ve really done something extraordinary, that you have a real accomplishment” and that Bioshock Infinite has a mode to cater for these gamers, I am pleased as punch.

That’s because he’s seen there is a place for two styles of gameplay in one game, and not just in levels of difficulty."

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gaminoz2400d ago

I think it's a great idea; it gives two types of gamers the experience they want, while letting each dabble in the other style.

Much better than just 'difficulty settings'.

adorie2400d ago

I've beaten Bioshock on Survivor diff. I am looking forward to 1999 mode.

humbleopinion2399d ago

Thething is, "1999 mode" IS basically anoter difficulty setting. You play the same game, just with modified mechanics that have an impact on how the game is played. It doesn't matter if this means that guns react differently, AI level is increased, health packs are less frequent or even if enemies don't speak english (a-la crysis). It's all difficulty settings.

Diablo's hardcore mode, Halo's optional skulls, and even previous Bioshock no-vitachamber settings, Red Dead Redemption expert targeting mode etc. are bascially all just additional difficulty sliders, just not in the traditional sense.

SilentNegotiator2399d ago

Exactly. That's what a difficulty setting IS. The mechanics and such are tweaked.

Proeliator2400d ago

It's sort of stressful though! You know this is more of a challenge but if it becomes too much you don't want to just restart it... glad it is in though.

BadCircuit2400d ago

I think I'd probably play the normal mode first then try out the 1999 mode to see how it changes the gameplay.

Belgavion2400d ago

I wish this game came out next week

BadCircuit2400d ago

Yeah it looks that Dishonored one too.

Shivan2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

so difficulty settings/hero mode are the equivalent of western innovation now?

BadCircuit2400d ago

You obviously didn't read the article mate.

1999 mode is different to having 'difficulty settings'- it's like having an I Am Alive version of the game

BDSE2399d ago

No, its not different. It changes the settings of certain aspects of the game to increase the difficulty.

If that's not a difficulty setting I don't know what is.

Ravenor2400d ago


This might be a hard concept for you, what with your knee jerk East vs West comments. But even on the hardest difficulty there was no penalty for using a Vita Chamber. Which made beating Bioshock on it's most difficult setting not the most difficult thing in the world.

This adds a layer of resource management that you didn't get in Bioshock 1. It's about making the game depressingly difficult and adding a fail state to it, do you remember those? Fail states?

Reading comprehension is a real issue for some people here. Either that or everyone is so hopped up on proving their point they just latch onto the first thing they see and spew the vitriol. The West vs East thing is pathetic and petty overall.

DeadSpaced2400d ago

I like the idea of a version the brings gaming back to the importance of a single bullet. Bravo, Bioshock. Bravo.

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