BioShock Infinite - Still a Masterpiece, 10 Years Later

BioShock Infinite launched 10 years ago today, but even now holds up as a hugely inspiring videogame world.

MadLad64d ago

Still consider it the weakest in the series by a decent margin. Not bad, was just expecting more.

The dlc was pretty damn good though.

solideagle64d ago

yup, it has better story though. I think 2 had the best gameplay. There is a youtuber who made no damage Bioshock 1-2 videos on highest difficulty. just beautiful:

RedDevils63d ago

Same never like it compare to the first 2.

PhillyDillyDee64d ago

Not better than the first 2 IMO. And this is a nitpick but it bummed me out that they scrapped the cosmetic changes to your guns as you upgraded them. First 2 had that so why scrap it in the third?

Chryzz2364d ago

good but not better than the other 2

goldwyncq64d ago

It’s absolutely better than 2

poppatron64d ago

It was never considered a masterpiece, particularly now

ClosetRebel64d ago

I thought it was fantastic from top to bottom.

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