Bioware Staff Disappointed by Ending of Mass Effect 3 User Review

The DoEE writes: "Many members of Bioware’s development team have responded negatively to a user review of their most recent game Mass Effect 3, expressing tremendous disappointment in how the review ends. The review, written by Amazon customer Cane Thomas begins with intriguing, well-written commentary on the Mass Effect series and the author’s own personal experiences in playing Bioware’s games. It then begins an intricate examination of the artistic and technical merits and flaws of the game, but the final paragraphs take the review in a new direction which has met with great disapproval from Bioware."

*The Doee is a satire website, not affiliated with any government agency.

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Dante1122405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I even heard that some people were getting refunds on Mass Effect 3. Poor Bioware staff.

VanillaBear2405d ago

"My dog can write a better review"

My dog can write a better ending

Nimblest-Assassin2405d ago

Ok..give your dog your computer, laptop or whatever you use to type, and ask him/her to write a better ending for ME3.

I get it the ending sucked, everyone needs to stop acting like a bunch of immature idiots and work together so we can explain and help Bioware make a better game.

Fylus2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Nimble, I assume he was joking.

Nimblest-Assassin2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Yeah,I know he is joking but this ending controversy has really hit the fan. Im just going to wait for Bioware to explain their ending.

Frankly, Im getting bored of these articles and the responses they generate.

I mean, everyday since ME3 came out, its just another article about the ending, that it really has lost relevance to me. And sadly, I can not just ignore them because I am also looking for the reason why Bioware ended the game like that.

This comment will also be disagreed with as the one I wrote below, and will probably be called a Biodrone, but I assume the only way to get agrees is to agree with the fact the ending is bad, which I agree with. My problem is how immaturely everyone is acting, including Bioware and the fans.

I mean, people disagreed with me based on the fact that we need to explain to Bioware how to improve and make better games, so they avoid this mistake in the future, but do so in a positive manner, rather than joking around, which is why I reacted like that.

I just want answers, not a new ending.

I just want answers

Edit: Yup, getting disagrees...sigh

Fylus2405d ago

If it's any consolation, I do agree with you. But either way, the game itself is perfectly fine. It's just the ending people have qualms with. The last 5-10 minutes of gameplay is really the only mistake they made.

vega2752405d ago

awe poor Bioware. are you guys upset that EA didn't buy his review or intimidate him to post a more positive review as they did with so many Other gaming sites.

Nimblest-Assassin2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

sigh.... so because of 10 minutes, you score a game 2/10

All the review was is him complaining about the ending, what about Mass Effect 3 as a whole?

I get it the ending sucked, but if you are going to review a product that is at least 30 hours and base your entire review over 10 minutes, thats stupid.

Most of the professional reviews rate Mass Effect 3 as an entire game, and then dock some marks of due to the ending.

Im sorry, but irregardless of how bad the ending is, this was an immature review.

People only complain about the ending, they give no insight on what else is wrong or right with the game. Thats all.

He complained about the ending and from ashes. Nothing about the gameplay, nothing about the entirety of the story, nothing.

It was an immature review, and irregardless of your views on the ending it offers nothing to the developers to make a better game.


Thats a summary of his review.

pandehz2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I agree mate

These whiners forgot the depth and sheer breadth of the game that Bioware made.

All they want is someone to wank em off.

I really wish someone would reveal their real names, so they cant comment from behind their avatars. I bet they wouldnt dare comment, cos the person next to them know how incompetent they are in real that they dont understand the value of effort and hard work.

From what I've been reading on N4G, most journalists these days have never heard of media ethics. I guess they can't even be called journalists.

LAWSON722404d ago

do people realize the climax for stories are probably the most important part of a story

pandehz2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Who the hell is cane thomas to you?

The bigger game sites have been reviewing games for a decade if not longer now and they have well written/presented reviews.

Stop trying to be different for the heck of it, you'll forget yourself.

vega2752405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

first off who are you? and if i did know him what would my comment have anything to do with you. unless you work for Bioware. do you?

second why are you so upset? cause i said something about EA buying reviews. i mean is that something new to the gaming industry? No it isn't.

third: I wouldn't trust any review simply because reviewers get the games for FREE, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, PREVIEW, PAID ADS,ECT. why would any reviewer s**t the money bed? please name one. cause we all know what happened to the last guy who did so.

to me it seem like you have a problem with gamers not TAKING it up the arse as you have and just "accepted" what ever any dev or publisher hands you. that's fine for you. but don't act like what I'm saying is being different when a majority of gamers all say the ending was s**t. so that's not being different when I'm saying the samething as many other PAYING GAMERS are saying that aren't getting free s**t as reviewers do.

humbleopinion2405d ago

You should stop crouch-walking so much. It seems that the joke in that article just flew over your head...

And the same applies to some other people here it seems. How can people be so thick and not understand that it's a parody, even when the website actually states this in the article itself.

vega2752405d ago

I'm crouch-walking this is new to me. The joke didn't fly over my head. I was responding to the kid that wants to play the white Knight and defend Cinderella from all who hate her.

humbleopinion2403d ago

@Vega275, it seems you don't really understand how the comment system works.
I was replying to your first comment about Bioware themselves "awe poor Bioware. are you guys upset that EA didn't buy his review..." after you obviously failed to understand the sarcastic nature of the original article.

Hufandpuf2405d ago

so i shouldn't play this game based off the ending?

Redempteur2405d ago

unless you don't have a save from ME1 >ME2 and care about your choices, no.

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