GDC: Are Microsoft, Epic Getting Their Gears Turning?

A quick look at the floorplans of the 2008 Game Developer Conference reveals that Microsoft and Epic have secured the two biggest floor spaces.

With the largest exhibit at the event, taking up 4,800 square ft of space, Microsoft will certainly have a bigger presence than in previous years, when Sony and Nintendo got the biggest areas to utilize this professionals-only game industry conference as a pre-E3 event.

Only second in size to Microsoft's space, Epic Games' presence at the event isn't surprising at all, since the developer always uses GDC to show the latest Unreal Engine technology.

Furthermore, both companies' spaces are in front of each other in the first level of the Moscone West Hall. This last detail wouldn't matter if it wasn't for the fact that the two companies worked closely on Gears of War.

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Texas GMR4038d ago

Gears Of War 2-Gears of War 2.... *crossing fingers*

Play B3yond4038d ago

Please tell me the name of this site......yea just another rumor

sticky doja4038d ago is a sister site to, in my opinion the most credible gaming site on the internet.

GITPWNED4038d ago

Shut the f*ck up, n00b.

And Gears 2 is going to absolutely destroy your feeble WaitStation. Just...wait. It's what you guys are good at anyway.

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Darkiewonder4038d ago

This will be good!

Way to kick off the new year!

GDC Starts Feb. 18-22, 2008!

Nevers4038d ago

Been wondering about the dates... bubbles

gta_cb4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

lol again i cant believe some people disagreed with you for asking when the event is taking place.

ktchong4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

One Gears of War II does not need so much space. Just look at the floor plan. Microsoft's booth is humongous. It's the Game Developer Conference, so the booth is for developer to show off and brag about their games/engines.

Third-party publisher will have their own booths, so Microsoft's booth will be showing off Microsoft's own first- and second-party titles.

Which means... going by the floor size, Microsoft seems to have quite a lot of titles to show off. Maybe it's new/unannounced game titles. Maybe it's the new Xbox 360. Maybe it's a combination of both.

Effects Guardian4038d ago

I'd never actually thought of it that way. I just stuck to the impression that they would use the massive booth to ONLY show off Gears of War 2, but you may be onto something. I think the Xbox Hardware will be taken care of at CES, with software taken care of at GDC.

Buubar4038d ago

Microsoft have already said they are going to spend a small fortune on advertising this year. So i wouldn't be surprised if this is a start of whats to come from Microsoft.

Rattles4038d ago

but its funny when they show sony and nintendo area the pictures alot smalla lol