It's a slippery slope changing Mass Effect 3's ending

Have fans gone too far? Is artistic integrity and room for interpretation being destroyed? We ask these questions after BioWare announced plans to provide more closure to the Mass Effect 3 ending.

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Riggans422400d ago

Fix the mona lisa...they fixed Ashley.

ATi_Elite2399d ago

"we need to boost DLC revenue"

"I got it how about we charge an ending as DLC"

"No fans would go nuts and riot"

"how about we make a really terrible ending then put the real ending in the second DLC pack along with some other minor crap"

"we may take a lot of heat for that!"

"But we will make a lot of money in the process so do it!"

NewMonday2399d ago

Bioware can keep their "integrity" but fans will keep their money.

and if BW cared any for artistic integrity they wouldn't have changed an RPG into a shooter, they want money.

Megaton2399d ago

There's nothing wrong with adding onto it. I highly doubt they'll be doing much aside from an epilogue anyway, or perhaps including the bits they needlessly cut out in the first place.

wallis2399d ago

Bioware's shown great compassion for their fans by doing this - please can we not do this dance of "oh what about artistic integrity and creative freedom". We know it's coming and we know it's valid but we know bioware won't take the piss and no it will not lead to some nightmarish dystopian future where all games have to be approved by 100% of all forum members on a fan site.

This is a GOOD thing. Seriously gaming journalism take your tongue out of your sponsors ass for at least long enough to see when they've changed direction?

Megaton2399d ago

They're all basically following IGN's lead on this, which is largely being pushed by Colin Moriarty, who has zero credibility on the matter of fans demanding changes.

Check out his response to the remodeling of Cole for Infamous 2.

For those who don't want to give them a hit, he says:

"But with the new Cole design, Sucker Punch heard loud and clear what fans of Infamous wanted, and they delivered. Infinite amounts of kudos to them for doing right by their community. Fans of Infamous won't soon forget it. Sucker Punch is one of Sony's most valuable developers. They are tuned-in with the PS3 faithful, and it's things like this that prove it."

So much for "games are art, how dare you ask them to change".

Tapioca Cold2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Double post.

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