How GAME's Troubles Affect You


This morning, after years of declining revenues and months of struggles with suppliers and financers culminating in a failure to stock new titles including Mass Effect 3 for weeks now, the UK's largest games retailer froze its shares on the London Stock Exchange. Hours later, it announced that it was filing for administration, meaning that the chain's future is now very uncertain. Ultimately an administration firm's aim is to keep a company trading – but closures and the sale of assets are often a part of that process. There's no knowing now what form the GAME chain would take, should it survive – and Gamestation, which GAME Group also owns, also faces an uncertain future.

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Emilio_Estevez2496d ago

Read it....This is more about what it means for the consumer......maybe if they would have called the article something more direct, like: How GAME's troubles affect you. It was a pretty good read actually.

limewax2496d ago

Seems they took your advice, Personally though I couldn't care much for the store anyway, I feel for anyone who is out of a job, A friend of mine worked there until today too. But other than that the company was vile and poisonous to the industry in the UK. GAME group PLC have been responsible for paying large sums for exclusive content many times. Without them there's actually a chance that may be available to the supermarkets instead now, which happen to charge around £5-£10 less for new releases than GAME did. So the consumers will win really


Last friday my local game

Brand new rayman origins = 7 british pounds

Tonight 21/03/12 = 24.99 british pounds brand new?

The shelves where stacked the prices were up so obviously somethings going on.

Fatty2496d ago

I disagree with his contention that this could put a pall on GameStop; from the sounds of things, they're still a much stronger force in the US game market than GAME was in the UK. Not to mention their stock price is solid, they're doing well financially... The author made some decent points, but just because one specialty store goes under doesn't mean the entire industry is on the brink.

FlashXIII2496d ago

How this effects me? It means my favourite retailer (ShopTo) will make a lot more much deserved extra money. I probably used to go into gamestation like once every two months to impulse buy a preowned game.. usually find the cost of it is somewhat higher than I was expecting to buy so ended up ordering online. Now GAME, other than the other week to check out their supposed bargains, haven't been in there in over two years.

Baka-akaB2496d ago

Again how does it affect me ? One less contender for those annoying store exclusive pre-order deals