Looking Back on Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Sticky Trigger Entertainment's Nick Getley takes a look back at one of his favourite childhood games in Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and touches on what became of Sega's beloved character.

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BrunoM3028d ago

Haha I didn't even read the story yet but

I just wanna say bein an old school gamer (yes I'm 25) my
First console was a Atari then a snes then I was a Sega boy up to the Dreamcast/Ps2 era lol

And Alex Kid Miracle World is on my TRUE top 3 games all time ( no next gen g what a great game cus of graphics crap top games ) it has all u can as for from a Master system game fun kool levels kick ass way to fight bosses it is and was a great game all around ..

Alex Kid and sonic 1 and 2 for Sega Master System are games that any one who loves reall games and put fun and good gameplay over "next gen" "amazing" gameplay and games shude play !!!

In the fun and having a great time play a video game keeps up with today's games EASY lol

Lol sorry got taken away there is not every day u come to n4g and actualy see a good game in the news feed lol

BrunoM3028d ago

Lol it bugs me that these only has 2 approvals lol

I mean damn stupid story's of games
Side by side ps3/360 get to first page angry birds screen shots of over hyped games and something like these that would make people actualy get to know a good game never will its BULL if u ask me lol

Damn stupid gamers that know nothing about gaming under the late ps2 and Xbox era gonna keep thinking their halos/gears ets games are the pinacle of what's fun in a game when a game like Alex Kid and sonic 1 and 2 on the master system would lay flat most games of today by reall gameplay fun and what a video ge is meant for ...

Haha well sorry about that just had to say it lol

I would brace for all the disagrees but it won'tale it where it would diserve the first page top spot so ya I won't get any lol (the dissagers would come from most 22 and under and fanboys) lol

Laxman3028d ago

Thanks man. I didnt write the article, but I very much like your outlook. We need to not forget these classics games, and its great to have writers not forgetting them and spreading the word to gamers who may have been too young to experience them the first time around.

BrunoM3028d ago

No problem man !!

I my self do t comment almost at all here but do come here to n4g every day .. And it's sad to see something that shude of been on the first page never getting near it because people wanna see what games has beter graphics or x game sold more than x game ..

It's sad what the "gaming" industry I love so much became in part because of the company's that think the CoD way is the right way to go but more because of the NEW gen of gamers eat and agree with everything any site just tells them

And don't know shit about gold ages of video games Snes Master System ... There's even fanboys that don't know anything about tue Playstation 1 and 2 era that's how you know how young most people around here are lol

In any case hope to see more news like these one may not get half of half of the hits of thouse flaming title news and Stupid it sold X more than X game stupid shit that WE gamers shude show all of them that we don't care but most due ..

Any ways later man il comment again in a few months when I see another story like these one !!