My Top 10 Videogames Songs Ever!

Brash Games writes "Unlike videogames themselves, which, while obviously susceptible to personal taste, are still largely critiqued based upon their technical nous, tastes in music are almost completely down to individual preference. Sure, some pieces of music are unarguably more accomplished than others, but that rarely, if ever, equates to subsequent popularity".

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Picnic3504d ago

Here’s my 10, going back to old school.

1. Aisle 10 (Hello Alison) – I could have gone for many a Jet Set Radio song but I might as well choose the same one as them as it is about the best.
2 Monty on the run
3 Superfrog title screen
4 Aquatic Ambience – Donkey Kong Country
5 Donkey Kong 64 rap
6 Isle Delfino theme – Super Mario Sunshine
7 Entering the crashed frigate – Metroid Prime
8 Dire Dire Docks – Super Mario 64
9 Green Hill Zone – Sonic the hedgehog
10 Any of the music from Mickey and Donald in World of Illusion.

izumo_lee3504d ago

Here is my list (subject to change) mix of old school & new. No particular order.

1.Aerith's theme (Final Fantasy 7)
2.Flight (Xenogears)
3.Mega Man 3 intro theme
4.Metal Gear Solid 3 main theme
5.Star Stealing Girl (Chrono Cross)
6.Ryu's theme (Street Fighter 2)
7.Moon theme (Ducktales)
8.To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy 10)
9.Final Battle Zeromus (Final Fantasy 4)
10.The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen (Xenogears)