Boy wees on Wii in revenge attack, January 2, 2008:

Frustrated four-year old left to play second fiddle to his brother's love of his new Wii games console got his revenge the way boys do.

Ellis Emsley weed all over six-year-old Danny's prized Nintendo Wii – leaving it water-logged and out of action.

Their mother Kerry, 25, said: "It seems Ellis got fed up with Danny being obsessed with the Wii and refusing to play with him. He was told it was his turn on the Wii next, but he took it a bit too literally and used his secret weapon to sabotage the machine."

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Darkiewonder4034d ago

Should have let his brother joined in on those games. what game isn't MP? :P

Jdash244034d ago

zelda isnt mp..........but i think thats really it

Lightning Mr Bubbles4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

You don't get what you want so you piss on things?

What's he gonna do when he grows up?

And what's worse, his mom thinks it's funny. But wait, a 25 year old with a 6 year old kid? What else would you expect from a damn slut like that?

She throw away college, education, everything just to get knocked up.

This is where are hard earned tax money goes, to suppost welfare people like this.

Wonderbhoy4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Wow, you really do feel like you know this women just from reading this article? Her 6yr old son pisses on a wii and that makes her a slut who gave up on college?

That kid who pissed on the wii probably has more sense than you..

P.S. You're education must be coming along great..

"This is where are hard earned tax money goes to suppost welfare people like this."

gamesR4fun4034d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

who are you to call her a slut cause she had a kid when she's 19 ? What would you do if it was your kid big guy? Call him names behind his bakc on ng4?

Edit: Wonderbhoy - 9 Hours ago

Ignore ++

"1. Carelessly would be a typo, but using "are" instead of "our" shows lack of proper education."

Lol "who our you" eh go back to school kiddo has for your second point well see my first....

Lightning Mr Bubbles4034d ago

I write informative comments on all the time.

But whatever, that's your opinion.

Wonderbhoy4034d ago

1. Carelessly would be a typo, but using "are" instead of "our" shows lack of proper education.

2. I've yet to see anything "informative" from you on N4G.

Thanks for your disagree. You can give me one here too.

deeznuts4034d ago

I don't know about calling her a slut dude. That's pretty harsh and it's a mother out there, she might be the best mom in the world you don't know that.

In any case, I'm wondering how she got pregnant in the first place. The father's wanker must be hidden for her to go around calling them secret weapons!!!!!!

cjp4eva4034d ago

Im a 20 year old with a kid that's about to be 2 years old and my girl is 19, maybe in the narrow minded single organism planet where you group up people around you behave like you say, or maybe is just your childhood being brought up, and i really dont care if you belive me or not i pay my own rent, bills, etc. and im not in no welfare, please go get a life.

Lcarrero54033d ago

You don't know these people. What is your problem? My sister had a kid at that age. Does that make her a slut and stupid? No!!! you must be a fu**ing retard. Btw my sister is now finishing college, as**ole.

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MaximusPrime4034d ago

Nintendo would have expected something like that to happen.

killer_trap4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

a second controller and a Mario party would have come in handy....are you listening Mom. and what are those kids watching on TV. actually i think i peed on a watermelon before when i was their age so i'd better keep my mouth shut.

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