Plug Pulled on Monster Hunter U.S. Servers

Ripten writes:

"For the seventy-or-so gamers logged on when the servers were shut off for good at approximately 12:25 PM EST, the departure must have been bittersweet. It wasn't Capcom's fault, though. According to a blog post on their community site a little over a month ago, the online capabilities of the game were outsourced to a company that no longer wants to remain in the business of networking Playstation 2 games (and really, what kind of business is that anyway?)."

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ngg123454039d ago

Man, capcom way to piss off 1000's of gamers.

Spartan154039d ago

Divide that number by 1000

BloodySinner4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

This is what happens when dedicated online gaming servers are FREE. They eventually get taken down. After all, you get what you pay for... which is nothing. This also applies to most PS2 & PS3 (in this case, it has not happened yet) titles. The servers will eventually get taken down sometime down the road.

heyheyhey4039d ago

everyone who cares say aye, no-one? hmmmmmmm? ok then thats settled

WilliamRLBaker4039d ago

thats what you get when you forward all responsibilities for server funding, and upkeep to the developer they shut down after a year or 2.

Alot of ps2 online games servers have shut down, it will continue this way and on the ps3 the same will happen.

Ashta4039d ago

Ohhh, I see what you did there.

v1c1ous4039d ago

PS3 have dedicated servers. what happens when servers stop being profitable? they get shut down.

xbox live games will ALWAYS, theoretically, be playable online as long as there are at LEAST 2 players playing the game online.

so in short, all xbox games will continue for as long as xbox live is alive.

and before you make funny comments about xbox live downtime during christmas, this is the first time in 5 years something like this has happened. i don't expect this issue to be common.

Ashta4039d ago

And at what point do you ever think that these PS3 dedicated servers will become "non-profitable".

I mean...I don't REALLY see that happening in the near or even far off future with anything the PS3 has running so I don't see how any of his or your comments are actually warranted.

I mean, yeah, I know that you must just shiver in ecstasy thinking of the PS3 failing and closing down all of its operations but man I just HAVE to let you know that it just isnt going to happen.

Just isn't gonna happen. SO! Now that I've educated you and saved you the anxiety of waiting for that fateful day we can all get back on track to what the actual topic was about.

Which was, in case you cant read, the Monster Hunter 2 servers being shut down. Nothing said about the PS3. Nadda, zip, zilch, so go ahead and run along with your little 360 wet dreams of PS3 failure cause its just not going to happen any time soon....or quite possibly never.

ngg123454039d ago

Madden 06 servers for xbox 360 have been shut down.

v1c1ous4039d ago

you didn't school no one because nothing you said was a refutable point.

i admit i messed up on the ps3 part, i meant to say sony system based online games. and to an extent, even nintendo online games (all 4 of them)


i forgot about that, so i will admit my mistake. regardless, its less of a hazzle to keep a game alive on xbox than it is on playstation/nintendo.

aside from those EA based games, and phantasy star online with sega, very few have been closed. heck, you can still play street fighter on xbox 1.

xplosneer4039d ago

The advantages and disadvantages of P2P networking is apparent. I wish games like Warhawk didn't require a sign in. They should do that more.

WilliamRLBaker4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

your a sony fanboy ashta without a 360 or xbox live, unlike me whom owns ps3, 360 and wii.

Ps2 online games didn't really even come about till 2-3 years AFTER ps2's relase so its been what 7 years since its release...minus 3 years thats....TA DA 4 years since actual online games released for the ps2...And lets see what would ashta have said back then?

Oh I dont see any time soon ps2 dedicated servers becoming none proftiable and ""shutting down""

I repeat....THIS IS WHAT YOU Get when you forward all server upkeep and funding to the developers, once said servers drop below a certain usage *say 10,000 people* they tend to shut them down.
Oh and you wanna know what evidence there is to back me up?

GIVE ME ANY PC game released 5-10 years ago, and right now nearly 99.99% of them either have no servers, or all servers are now kept up by USERs and not the company that made that game.

Oh and madden 06 servers being shut down.

More then just madden 06 we're shut down infact nearly every EA server before 07 games we're shut down, on xbox, ps2, psp, 360, pc...ect

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Panthers4039d ago

im not too worried about this. Socom was basically the first online game for PS2 and it is still up and running. This is not as big of a problem s you think.

WilliamRLBaker4039d ago

SOCOM released 3rd quater 2002.
It is still active after 4 years because of the fact its pretty much the only worthwhile game on ps2 online.

I give it another year before servers are shut down.