Slant Six Announce New Title

GodisaGeek: "Slant Six Games, the developer behind Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, have updated their website with details of a brand new game."

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VanillaBear3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I don't get it who the hell would get a developer like SlantSix to make a game. Especialy after Operation Raccoon City has done crap with reviews

Out of all the studios that have went broke/disbanded over the years...SlantSix is still going

They've never been able to make a good average game, never mind a top quality one

I don't like being Mystic Meg but the game will turn out crap, get low sales and will just their other few titles. Sorry to be blunt but it amazes me how these guys are still going

Raoh3031d ago

At this point, they are probably just cheap.

All your good/successful/high profile developers are already married to sony/ms/nintendo/ea/activision /etc

Slant is work for hire right now, they can do all the crap off brand work that internal teams cant.

Slant was dead with me since socom confrontation, so i know RE:OR was going to be crap.

Their best work was socom on the psp, they should go to the handheld market.

Even zipper who has been crap this gen on the ps3 did a great job on the vita with unit 13, slant should follow in their footsteps and make vita/3ds games.

Hell, zipper could use the help and slant could use the leadership, sony/zipper should buy slant six, not so they can develop on their own but so they can add to the staff to work on existing projects.

Some studios should not be allowed to work on their own.

Convas3031d ago

This exactly. Studios are successful because of the proper marriage between hard-working, dedicated staff, and visionary, focused leadership, something that Slant Six seems to lack in both areas.

badz1493030d ago

good point but why Sony? why not MS or even Nintendo? I know Sony is famous this gen for buying out indi devs after their games appear to be successful on PS3 or PSP. but it's not that everything Sony touches become gold, it's just Sony securing up good and competent devs for themselves. base on their track records, Sony will never buy Slant6 as that would be dumb, MS is not ever gonna buy another studio again and knowing MS track record, Slant6 wouldn't want to be bought by MS either or they'll be closed 6 month later! Nintendo, well...Slant6 is not making Nintendo-type of games.

guess Slant6 will stay Independent and up for any cheap spin-off coming their way for now! but I hope they can still put food on their table. as terrible as their games are, they are still capable of coming out with something! let's just hope their next game will be better!

their main problem at the moment is they are working on established franchises and THAT will always put them on the back foot because their work will always be compared to the original entries and it's not easy to replicate success! if they ever come out with a new IP, I think they will fare much better! one can only hope!

Raoh3030d ago

why Sony? why not MS or even Nintendo?

History and ability.

MS - No handheld, unless Dev goes tablet/phone with windows 8

Nintendo - Slant isn't creative enough to pump out the rpg and family friendly games in the nintendo library.

Sony - Slant has done a good job on the psp, while they did a poor job of the confrontation beta and launch, like zipper they are capable developers, meaning they can do the work but need better leadership/direction...

Enter Sony.....

EA/Activision would just lay everyone off.

Yodagamer3031d ago

They can make a good portable shooter though, i did enjoyed there socom psp games

NYC_Gamer3031d ago

I wouldn't buy anything from Slant Six they just suck when comes to quality

Noticeably_FAT3031d ago

Horrid developers, I'm thankful they didn't develop the Star Wars Battlefront 3 game that was rumored a year or so ago. Dodged a bullet.

R1CAN6173031d ago

Guess you guys have never played the Fire Team Bravo's series & are just hopping on the hate bandwagon going on from there work on Confrontation

Yodagamer3031d ago

They only made the third one the first two were produced by zipper interactive, the third one was good, but they had a foundation from the first two to make it

Ulf3031d ago

The first two FTB games -- the better ones -- were made by Zipper, not /6.

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