Naruto Hiroshi Matsuyama Developer Interview at Wondercon 2012

Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright (from COIN-OP TV) at Wondercon 2012 – this episode features an interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama the President/CEO for Cyberconnect2. Cyberconnect2 developed the popular Dot Hack games in the past and most recently Asura’s Wrath (Capcom) and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (Namco Bandai). In this interview find out which Naruto ninjas are Hiroshi’s favorite and how the team manages to create such pretty looking games.

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Snookies122403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Every time she says, "Narooto" it kills my ears... Why can't people say it properly? -_- Nothing against her personally, as I've heard a lot of people do it. Just say it normally though, without putting so much emphasis on the "ru" part.

deep_fried_bum_cake2403d ago

I know what you mean, it can be very annoying. I think that they guy interviewing matsuyama is worse that her for it.

Young_ART2402d ago

Naruto is to overrated for my taste. If i watch or play anything pertaining to an anime series, it usually is avatar the last air bender