Uncharted 2 coming your way

The new year kicks in with good news for ps3 owners and gaming enthusiasts. The french site jeux france is reporting that the developers of Uncharted are already working on the sequel. Further proof of this comes from an interview of the devs given to another french website TF1.

Dont forget to check the link to the full Translated interview in the Alternative section

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Darkiewonder4038d ago

Should be Uncharted, Jak, Uncharted 2, PSN game somewhere in there. ;3

baxter4038d ago

I think Uncharted will sell over 2m copies in its lifetime in europe.

If you read the comments in jeux france and TF1 Uncharted has been a huge console mover in europe and asia especially middle east

decapitator4038d ago

The game was not marketed well enough in the states, I only saw about three commercials on MTv for this game and that is about it. Heavenly sword was advertised properly.

jaja14344038d ago

Really? I saw tons of them on Spike/Sci-Fi/Cartoon Network, and a few on other stations though not nearly as many.

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boodybandit4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

as long as the story isn't as predictable as your responses on N4G. Seriously, don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Chaos Striker4038d ago

Posting the same pictures over and over doesn't get your point across. It just makes you look even more retarded because you cannot come up with anything new to support your assertion, which happens to be meaningless and full of fallacies. Thus, your opinion doesn't matter at all, so go frolic with the other fools of this world.

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Kaneda4038d ago

I hope they are not rushing UD 2... and take their time on 2... seem like they are rushing when the game just came out like less than two months ago... don't do like Halo... just improved the graphics and slap #2 on it..

mikeslemonade4037d ago

Forget Jak. That would probably sell worse than Uncharted. When Uncharted 2 comes out it's going to sell a lot of Uncharted 1. It's kind of like how God of War 2 created enough hype to sell God of War 1 to a lot of people.

DARKKNIGHT4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

this game was fun on easy, even more entertaining on normal..........and now extremely immersive on HARD( thanx to enemy ai and LUSH, living breathing environments). seriously, all the photos online do not do this game any justice. its just that AWESOME.

i cant wait for udf2. now if only i could find the last 9 treasures......

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unsunghero284038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I can't wait! It'll be interesting to see whether they take a more realistic approach or carry on the mystical vibe from the end of Drake's Fortune (if you played you'll know what I'm talking about).

baxter4038d ago

OMG they were so lifelike .

The character models and textures/poly of Uncharted kills everything in the market including those of Crysis.

I was so afraid to play the game at the end.

ND shouldnt have made Uncharted this much realistic. After playing UN i lost interest in COD4 and UT3. i sold both those games on ebay.

Uncharted destroys the hype for graphically inferior games no matter how good they are

xplosneer4038d ago

STOP WITH THE STUPID SPOILERS. I beat it but stop ruining for everyone who HASN'T!

lonestarmt4038d ago

awesome!! I still hope for next gen Jak, but gosh I loved uncharted so much, I can wait another year if it means I get another uncharted, hopefully in 2008 too!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I remember being wowed sometimes, with the long and satisfying gun fights. I had to take cover and shoot and play it smart.

Other parts weren't so great like the unrealistic platforming parts.

But if they asked me, what game I think is better Uncharted or Halo 3. I would go with Uncharted. Honest opinion.

wil4hire4038d ago

dont SPOIL the game for everyone that hasn't played.

TANOD4038d ago

Uncharted kills other games.

as you seen with the OP he sold his 2 FPSes after playing Uncharted..

Uncharted is like kz2 .it kills all other games including the ones on PS3 as well

xplosneer4038d ago

I agree. I loved the gunfights and remember myself saying wow a lot, but the platforming was, while a nice addition to the gameplay, was unrealistic. I sometimes I'm like "He made this jump a few minutes ago but not this one?!"


bourner4038d ago

nice like the screenies look amazing . hopefuly this is true and should be becuase they could do so much with it

SIX4038d ago

That's why it's so puzzling. A game that looks that good (should have won graphics of the year)and plays as good as it looks gets hardly any recognition (well not as much as Halo/Boishock and even Ass Creed). This does not make any sense to me.

bizi64984038d ago

2007 will go down as the year where massively over-hyped games managed to over-shadow a masterpiece like Uncharted. People discover online gaming, get all excited, that's all new and cute... I guess we all gotta go thru the online craze to discover it does have severe drawbacks... Uncharted pulled a Half-life on me: a refreshing and surprising wake up call that gaming is much richer and more diverse than I thought: single player story gaming can be tons of fun at a time when it's easy to think that online is where it's at.

And for those who whine about the replayability of single player games, it is very satisfying to redo "Out of the Frying Pan" chapter when you run into online issues of all kinds: gets that online frustration out of you.

If sony deserves a whoopin' it's for under-hyping its own IPs while over-hyping the next-gen tech crap. That is some criminal self indulgence and need to change.

Bolts4037d ago

Only people who don't have Uncharted are impressed by those screens. The game looks a lot better on my TV.

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