Vehicles in Black Ops 2 may make multiplayer mind-blowing

Product-Reviews writes: Vehicles are obviously a big attraction in Battlefield 3 at the moment, but how would you feel if Treyarch added some vehicles or heavy weaponry into some of their multiplayer maps? Possible ideas could be a turret set up in a specific part of the map which players can race to use, or maybe even some small people carriers with mounted guns attached to them.

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2497d ago
tr00p3r2497d ago

The tanks in World at War were not too bad, a little bit annoying though..Treyarch can do a lot better imo. Either way, I'd like to see some kind of usable vehicles in the new game.

Jobesy2497d ago

Tanks were terrible in WaW. I can't even count how many times I jumped in a tank and got 25-0, 30-0, etc. I would tell myself, "isn't anyone going to try and stop me?" And on the flip side, it always seemed I was the only one on my team to try to take enemy tanks out, so frustrating.

Keep vehicles in BF games, not COD games.

Mythicninja2497d ago

Battlefield has had vehicles for how long? This will not 'revolutionize' anything. Try something new.

SOD_Delta2497d ago

Battlefield 3 could have revolutized FPS's with prehistoric-modern warfare :P

Jets vs. Pterodactyls
Tanks vs. T-rexs
LAVs vs. Velociraptors
Battleships vs. Magaladon

chanmasta2497d ago

Holy moly. That would make a sweet-ass game. Until then, Dino D-Day is where it's at.

iamnsuperman2497d ago

Vehicles are ok and it did work to an extent in WOW but COD is a fast past, small, corridor shooter with twitchy controls. In my opinion adding vehicles makes it less practical because maps would need to be bigger thus removing the frantic, close quarter combat.

Elite-uk2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Never mind vehicles, COD 3 sucked ass!.,.... i want to see a Wire cutter perk :D , that allows me to access map shortcuts/vantage points. kind of like what the rc-xd could use in black ops.....just on a bigger scale!.

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The story is too old to be commented.