Congressmen Joe Baca and Frank Wolf Propose Bill to Label All Games With Warning Labels

Congressmen Joe Baca (D-Calif.) and Frank Wolf (R-Va.) introduced a bill on Monday that would require video games to carry a special warning label similar to the kind found on cigarettes.

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Snookies124452d ago

Hahaha, it never ceases to amaze how stupid politicians can be. If you don't know a damn thing about the subject you're trying to criticize, you have no right to talk about it.

lodossrage4452d ago

this is the kind of thing the ESRB was made for in the first place.

It's not a game company's fault when the parent is to dumb to pay attention to the CLEARLY VISIBLE icon on the box cover.

Majin-vegeta4451d ago

God can politicians be any stupider??XDD

DrRichtofen4451d ago

...And where was this statistic pulled from?

MrBeatdown4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

Any parent who needs more of a warning about giving a violent game to their kid without careful consideration of the content is likely so far beyond stupid that it's probably a small miracle if the kid survives childhood. The content is right on the back of the box and usually it's obvious by the boxart.

Should we put labels on knives too?

Warning: Sharp! Don't give to your child.

I once saw a mom buy Saints Row for a kid that looked twelve. That parent doesn't need another label. They need a kick to the side of the head and a lesson in reading comprehension and common sense.

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shaenoide1d 6h ago

Easy not enough developpers to add content to the game (palworld)

Profchaos1d 5h ago

That's the thing with gaming there's always new experiences to have why spend months or years playing a single game when there's a new experience right around the corner.

Indie or AAA if your building your game expecting long term player counts you'll probably be disappointed as gamers often enjoy something for a few weeks and move on only to return if it's truely a classic.

Out of all the generations I've experienced there's games from 30 plus years ago I still dust off and play like super Mario bros, earthbound, vice city and san Andreas being games I treasure and revisit every few years but I'm not going back to play a game designed to keep me engaged for months on end because it's also designed to milk my wallet in most cases.

Build a great game that people love make it playable offline and ask does it matter if the concurrent player count is under 100 a year post launch more often that not it doesn't

P_Bomb1d 2h ago

The price of entry is too high to take chances like I used to. Was looking at V Rising and that ranges from $50-$130 CAD. That’s a lot for an indie imo. By the time it goes on sale, the player count might be dwindling. But that’s the trade-off, I guess.

Si-Fly23h ago

I’m glad my preference is single player experiences, Indie devs got me covered 👊🏻

Flewid63822h ago

Indie devs dont make multiplayer games?

Si-Fly19h ago

Read the article dude 👍🏻

Flewid63819h ago

Read the article. Same question.


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