Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges

GameDynamo - "There are some games that are hard. There are even those games which can be downright unforgiving. But the cruelest, most difficult challenge will often come from the players themselves. Here are five that I've seen or taken part in on various games."

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kesvalk3379d ago

arm cannon only was the modus operandi for me and my brother in ALL megaman games, we didn't even knew this was some kind of challenge, we just did because we couldn't get our heads around all that weapons...

we did finish contra with only 3 lives though, so arm cannon only was not that bad...

Hisiru3379d ago

Try platinum on Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

I_am_Batman3379d ago

I agree.
I have the platinum on SFIV. That was a tough one. The hardest thing were the Trials. Normally everyone has his prefered 3-5 characters but to get the platinum you have to learn the mechanics of all characters in depth. I Haven't tried SSFIVAE yet but it should be even harder since you have more characters.

Hisiru3379d ago

Exactly! I have my 4 favorite characters, and the trials is a pain in the a** for me, but there is more. Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma on the hardest settings are like demons.

It's even harder (much harder, actually).

kesvalk3379d ago

i would, but i don't have a PS3/X360, and even then, i would not waste money on street fighter...

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Frankfurt3379d ago

Why is Sigma 2 on the list? Both Sigma's are easier than the previous versions.