Steve Purcell on Sam & Max

Adventure Classic Gaming are extremely privileged to have this rare opportunity to interview Steve Purcell, who has kindly agreed to talk about his work on Sam & Max. In this exclusive interview, Purcell speaks of the origin of Sam & Max, his collaborations with LucasArts and Telltale Games, the cult icon status of the "freelance police", and what holds in the future for his beloved characters.

Adventure Classic Gaming: How satisfied are you with the episodic format delivery of the new Sam & Max series? What other directions will you like to explore for Sam & Max in the future?

Steve Purcell: I was always a believer in the episodic delivery. Years ago when I worked on adventure games that had thirty or forty hours of game play, we would joke, "Why even design the last third of the game? No one will play all the way through anyway." I like that the Telltale Sam & Max games arrive in small doses. That you want to finish one before you move on to the next one and that the audience is receiving new games steadily, month after month.

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