TechTree's Most Anticipated Upcoming Games in 2008

Last week, TechTree looked at some really innovative games slated to release in 2008; whereas this time around, you'll get to take a look at the good old bang-bang-drive-punch-boom-jungle-tried-and-tested type of games aka the most anticipated games of 2008. These are games that'll make 2008 a grand year for gaming.

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You bought an Xbox4036d ago

This game alone will make me trade in my XboX for a PS3!!
There are a lot of top quality title's coming this year for the PS3 wish i could say the same for the XboX

mintaro4036d ago

actually there a quite a few good titles making its way to the 360 in 08.
fable 2, splinter cell conviction, too human, jsut to name a few

jackdoe4036d ago

Mintaro, Too Human is debatable. You forgot Alan Wake and NG2 for the 360. So a good year for both 360 and PS3 owners IMO.

mintaro4036d ago

oops my bad, but i do think too human will shape up to be a fully realized game.

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TheMART4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

So can any Sony fanboy tell me which great game Guerilla has ever made? Their current track record of greatness? What came before KZ2 that shocked the gaming world in a positive way?

I am so interested

fopums4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

killzone liberation.
edit: and Bungie made Oni which was about a 7, then they made Halo:CE which was great and Halo 2 which was not nearly as awesome as it was made out too be, even bungie admited this. Being a handheld game is a non factor and think before you post a cop-out

so what are you so afraid of KZ2 for? anyone who post's as much negetivity about a game that isnt released clearly dosent want the game to happen. Notice I said HAPPEN, the game sucsess will NOT be affected by you, no matter how many post's here at n4g you make you will not effect the games quality.

that goes for all you fanboys, think I would waste me time attacking a game over and over and over? tsk tsk tsk, your better off hunting down the GG employees, that might actualy get you somewhere!

TheMART4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I was talking about great games. KZ liberation is

a.) good, not great, average score about an 8
b.) a handheld game, name one for homeconsoles
c.) just one game.

Now the question again: the track record, that is multiple great games for especially homeconsoles from Guerilla. Can anyone name them?

mesh14036d ago

gorilla are no 1s in the game industry and p.s what the hells with all this idna game sites hahahaha AFRICA IS BETTER THAN INDIA

masterg4036d ago


Why are you looking for any reason (how ever pathetic it may be) to make yourself think KillZone 2 will not be a great game.
Lets say you were right.. What satisfaction would that give you?

wageslave4036d ago

@the_mart & masterg

"Why are you looking for any reason (how ever pathetic it may be) to make yourself think KillZone 2 will not be a great game."

He's said "Tell my how KZ2 justifies this hype, show me why guerilla warrants this faith".

And you reply "why do you want KZ2 to suck?"

You are skirting his question -- and he is 100% correct -- that Killzone 2, has absolutely -Z-E-R-O- credibility as a "sure fire hit".

Guerrilla has no track record, *AND* its only other work was mediocre.

Yet, people are hyped-up for it. Why?

masterg4036d ago


Actually my reply to theMart was to not just this statement. It was to the 100's of statements he has made in the last year about KZ2 not going to be good.

Off course it deserves the hype. Anybody saying it doesn't as a big fanboy.
It's as simple as that. We see tons of new IP's getting a lot of hype when they show something extraordinary. And KZ2 has shown something extraordinary. What should make this game any different?

It's like saying The Lord of the Rings didn't deserve any hype because Peter Jackson had not made anything great before that.

JBaby3434036d ago

The in-game footage is what makes me believe "have faith" that this game will be great. We all know the original CGI movie was bogus but most, even many 360 fans, agree the game looks amazing. Everything from the E3 2007 footage to the 25 min tech demo show this game has great potential. I say potential because we do have to wait and play it but from what I've seen the game has everything it needs. Plus the September Issue of GameInformer stated from "hand-on" time the game is looking incredible and even the much debated AI is tight. The only negatives are coming from people who for whatever reason are wanting the game to be bad. So I have faith in it so far.

metallbizkit4036d ago


You mention new IPs getting hype... well KZ2 is not new. The first game is what has me holding back my expectations about KZ2. I remember hearing it claimed as the "Halo Killer" prior to its release, but it certainly wasn't. Hopefully they surpass all expectations and the game rocks.

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nirwanda4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I.D's new game tech demo's look great, really interested to see what new wolfenstein looks like too and alan wake and alone in the dark

Andreiy4036d ago

OMG finally someone is intersted in rage and wolfenstein. I think RAGE will be out in 2009 becouse its ID and when they say "when its done" it means 3 years of waiting, as for wolfenstein it was in development for 3 years already and i am pretty sure it will be out in 2008.

rev204036d ago

Splinter cell is the poor man's Metal Gear.

Dark_Vendetta4036d ago

I wouldn't say it this way (because it sounds a little bit as if you are a fanboy), but I have to admit that MGS is way better than Splinter Cell in story telling. I just watched the "old" trailer and I loved it. I just hope this game doesn't get hyped like Halo3 (don't get me wrong, Halo3 was really good and had some interesting features, but it was still way too overhyped) and dissapoints me at the end. One of the reason I bought a PSP was MGS (and it will be the same reason for the Ps3), but the PSP version wasn't extraordinary as I expected it to be. I really hope they take their time to perfect this game. I wouldn't mind to wait until next christmas
BTW: Happy new year @ all!

belal4036d ago

wtf MART u got some big problems u now that ? can u say me one thing that dosent invlovle sony fanboys ? u and the other guy zhuc allways has to say against sony fanboys just keep your mouth shut ;) im serius somebody need tyo ban them , just shut up !!!!

ps. thaaat was mutch better !!! if the mart was here right now in front of my eys :O only god nows what i would have done to him :P

( sry for bad english)

TheMART4036d ago

Is this English at all??? Sell your PS3 and pay for education is my advise!

And dude... My question is a legit one. Asked without any shouting, name calling or whatever you and other PS3 fanboys do all the time.

mintaro4036d ago

lol sell your ps3 and pay for an education, classic, hmehem i mean, what has this world come to?

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