Hudson Has "Lots More Planned" For Bomberman

Some franchises should always remain until the end of time, and it helps when you have a publisher who also believes in that philosophy.

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Darkiewonder4036d ago

Or release a Bomberman MMO or Fighter game.

wageslave4036d ago

What about a Bomberman Platformer?

mintaro4036d ago

i agree bomberman had a great run, but it's gotta go before it turns into a dare i say......sonic

Skerj4036d ago

As long as a sequel to Act Zero isn't planned then we'll be alright. I think the Bomberman games on 64 were awesome so was the one on Dreamcast, I'd like to see another platformer/rpg hybrid.

Mr PS34036d ago

While we've got killer title's to look forward to in 2008 like MGS4,GT5, Killzone 2 to name a few xbots have a US-only Leaderboard Tournament, New Year's Bash Tournament & Sweepstakes for bomberman Wow way to go Bill you know how to keep them xbot's of your's happy

mintaro4036d ago

this really shows how ignorant you are, hmm probably a reason why u only have 2 bubbles

SpaceCowgirl4036d ago

I love bomberman, it does not need any new innovation, it is one of the greatest party games of all time. With Strategy, intensity, insanity and just plain craziness, I don't understand why there are so many haters. My only really disappointment is that I can never find people to play with on x-box live. Any attempts for hudson to still bring us more bomberman love is fine with me.

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