2007: The Year in Screenshots

"Most people who read awards features overlook the nominees and go straight to the winners, but by presenting you the best of 2007 in this format, Gamer 2.0 feel that you will get a better look at just how many great games crossed store shelves in the past 12 months."

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wil4hire4035d ago

"Possibly the best looking console game on the market, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in an amalgam of proven game mechanics. It doesn't blaze new trails, but it's a well executed, if brief, romp through the jungle. With a predictable, but still enjoyable story and a nice balance of platforming and gun play, Uncharted is a worthwhile expense for PS3 owners yearning for quality games."

AJMarra4034d ago

Gamer 2.0 did a good job making this. It's a really informative piece and a great look on at the past games of 2007.

FilippoDinolfo4034d ago

I like these kinds of features, they take a great year of gaming and distill it into one brief piece. Some of these games I haven't even gotten to playing yet, too.

AlexQuevedo4034d ago

I like these types too. Looking at screenshots is so damn fun sometimes lol, especially if it's a variety like this.