Toys"R"Us Offering "Bend Over" Bundle - Includes 10 games charged at full price

Toys"R"Us has just gone above and beyond the call of corporate greed. The retailer is offering what is perhaps the worst next-gen console "bundle" in the history of gaming: a Nintendo Wii and 10 games (No 1st Party titles) for $700.

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Darkiewonder4036d ago

I wouldn't call Zack and Wiki Crappy at all.

GeoWars and RRR2 makes one heck of good games. the rest? ew.

See, last year it was 5 games. now that the Wii has more games. they want to bundle 10 games. Wonder if next year will be 20 games!

ddldave4036d ago

don't blame the retailers for being smart. blame the consumers for being stupid enough to buy it.

zafeiriou4036d ago

Oh...look at the evil corporation who is trying to make money by providing something that is in demand.

Hey, if people don't like it they do not have to buy it.

IntelligentAj4035d ago

Let keep in mind two things:1) They're a private company and profits speak louder than anything else and 2)Like the person above me it's the dumba$$ consumers who are buying this so don't be mad at the company if they're trying to milk the Wii cow, Hell the developers are doing it too.

ISay4035d ago

the attach rate for games is low on the wii, these are games that wont sell if they dont bundle. supply and demand if there willing to pay it let them plus why is it ok for some one on graigs list or ebay to make a 300% profit whyll the retailers only assking for its 20%?

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crazy250004036d ago

didnt nintendo make an official announcement about not allowing retailers to do this??

xsteinbachx4036d ago

which said that they didn't like what they were doing, but there is nothing they can do.

SomeAnalyst4036d ago

F*** them! They lost my business in 2008.
And Nintendo can stop shipments to d*ckhead businesses like Toys'RUs.

Nostradavis4036d ago

exactly crazy, they did.

But consumers walk into the store or call up the site customer support and they lie to them telling the consumer it is Nintendo forcing them to do this. The quote by one individual on states it perfectly...

“I have only played on the wii at a friends house. I would like to buy a system. I am disappointed with nintendo’s decision to limit the amount of systems in the stores, and force people to buy an overpriced bundle package. I will be patient, but the longer I wait the more I am considering the XBOX 360…”
- Disappointed from USA

BloodySinner4036d ago

It's not like Nintendo's target audience is smart enough to know the difference anyway. :-/

IGNFTW4035d ago


IntelligentAj4035d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself!!

fopums4036d ago

didnt they do that when the 360 luanched? it isnt illegal sadly, but Toys R'us is digging their own grave with ridiculous customer expectations. I say screw em, for once I'll take wal mart over the other guy.

pretty soon there wont be a toys r'us, sucks for the employees though

EZCheez4036d ago

They offer a Wii bundle to the tune of $600.

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The story is too old to be commented.