Quicksave - Unreal Tournament III PS3 Review

In before 2008!

Just like how Epic Games slid Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 in before the holidays, QuickSave got their review up right before the new year.

From Quicksave:

"Unreal Tournament III (formerly known as Unreal Tournament 2007) is quite the "revolutionary" game for the console world, but aside from all these bells, whistles and technical flare, how does the game itself stack up? Do the visuals (as Epic claimed) exceed those of Epic's Gears of War for the XBOX 360? Is the single player a real single player? Is mod support working? I spent time and sought the answers to these questions and here are my findings."

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eagle214578d ago

When will our European brother's get to play it? Does anyone know?

TANOD4578d ago

It is just 1.5 months from now

eagle214578d ago

I have many European bro's on my friend's list...thanx for the info.

Nasim Shmee TANOD4578d ago

I would like to also encourage you to wait for the 360 version (if you have one).

The preview screen shots are AMAZING. Crystal clear....much better than the PS3 version right now. They might patch it though and fix it. The PS3 seems to be having an endless supply of problems with their software.

The Swordsman4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

You're obviously not Tanod/ Nasim/ Shmee, so please, stop trying to pretend that you are.

Blackmoses4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

C'mon man, all fanboyism aside let's get real.

Personally I have the PS3 version and honestly I haven't ran into not one single problem with the game, MODS, Online Co-Op, Online Multiplayer, Single player or anything else! Well except for that those guys playing with mouse and keyboard are kicking major ass online!

Where are these so called screen shots of the 360 build? I have honestly seen not one!

I've played Gears of War and as beautiful as that game is...UT3 wins the prize. Everything I've seen and played in Gears (visually) I've seen in UT3 only done better and plays smoother, that's PC and PS3!
The texture popping seen throughout Gears is nearly (yes, there is some) non-existent. The Gameplay speed is what you'd expect from an UNREAL Tournament flies!

Where are these so called software problems? If you and everyone would simply read and not over analyze ever story, you guys would see that it was a problem with the way "ONE" Mod was "cooked" in order for it to be played on the PS3. Not the other way around!
Even then it was a single isolated problem. I have installed every Map and Mod with no problem. I've been playing online with all of it religiously all while constantly getting my butt whooped by the keyboard and mouse guys.

Why in the world would you say "endless supply of problems with their software" when it really couldn't be further from the truth?

If you're a fanboy fine so be it. Love your system of choice, but don't post a comment that is so far off based, just because you're in love with Microsoft's machine.

It's really startling how some people will just inflate a non truth without either finding out the legitimacy of the story first.

Dmack794578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Yet another great review for Epic's jewel! I'm most likely gettin this on New Years Day. Can't wait for it. I discourage any1 who is planning on getting it for xbox.

The full experience of this game is either on the PS3 or PC. Plus w/ By April, (which is supposedly the release date for the xbox360 version) this game will get a price cut and it will get even better when HOME comes out! Trust me.

An only PC and PS3 owners will be able to face against each other. Not PC and 360 owners. This is truly an Epic game!

ElfShotTheFood4578d ago

"An only PC and PS3 owners will be able to face against each other."

Wrong. There's no cross-platform play in any of the versions.


i love reparing things with the link gun,especially the other team,it burns the meat off there bones.sweeeeeet!ONLINE MADNESS

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