Soldier of Fortune: Payback - Eurogamer Review

This is a game that is very much in love with the idea of shooting naughty brown people. It's not the gore that's offensive here, it's the whole tone of the game. This is a game obviously designed to appeal almost exclusively to the American market.

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Capt CHAOS4034d ago

Graw, Graw II, And all the other games where you have to take out terrorists.. Now, I wonder why most of them in the current decade aren't white in the games? Maybe it's because the IRA stopped bombing..?

JsonHenry4033d ago

Let me get this straight - they are complaining about the "tone" of the game? Being what? You run around and shoot people in a foreign country?

I wonder what score they will give the new Grand Theft Auto game then? You know, with the "tone" being so violent and all... FTW!!

sak5004034d ago

HAHa this game is not even worth free download (torrent).

picker3324034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I wouldn't even start my ps3 if this game was in,maby get's broken.
Becouse that's what this game is ¨Broken¨!

Peace Out!

Bazookajoe_834034d ago

I really mean that by the way, this game is the third of a full priced game here in EU. Atleast on preorder, i just must buy it for the gore. But it would be nice if there were a WW3 game were you was fighting against USA =)

DTClown4034d ago

Why would you want to play a game where you lost everytime!

Bazookajoe_834034d ago

What i mostly meant was that it would be fun with some variation, but i can allso throw in that it would be nice to give those arrogant bastard a run for there money ;-)

likeaboss3024033d ago

I'm not sure I'd be interested in playing a FPS against the U.S. where you probably would last all of two seconds. If they ever used their full military might and stopped worring about protecting civilains and what the media thought about them, any conflict would be over in days.

QQcrybaby4033d ago

That reviewer is the sterotypical european who thinks that all Americans think "brown people" are evil. Grow up. Half of the U.S. military is made up of "brown people." The reviewer is nothing more than a snob who has no idea about what is really going on in the world.

P.S. Baghdad is now almost clear of terrorists. They are on the run to the north.

Ju4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

BTW: Baghdad. Great. Good, then they are back where they were before the war started (*). Just a reminder. This whole "terrorist" thing started when some Saudi terrorists dropped some bombs. Well, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Irak, Iran. Who cares. All the same, no ?

(*) well, there was one there before, Saddam, but he didn't drop bombs anywhere in the world.

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