Fighting Games Died When Anime Based Games Were Born

CinemaBlend Games - By Rich Knight, 2007-12-29:

With the interesting Street Fighter IV on the very distant horizon, Rich thinks a more immediate concern is that fighting games in general are pretty much dead, save for the really crappy anime titles that have since graced the consoles.

Dragonball Z pretty much started this whole transition of Cartoon Network to video game console with Budokai on the PS2, and many others followed.

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Mr_Kuwabara4041d ago

I actually blame Capcom for abandoning the franchise/genre in general.

Rice4041d ago

Its all for money, man.

MK_Red4041d ago

I've got to disagree. Fighters didn't die. They just are no longer the number one genre. They lost some of their universal appeal. One of the top 5 best games of all time is still a fighting title (Soul Calibur 1).
Just like the FPS titles of last few years, fighters were dominant genre in the earlier 90s.
Street Fighter 4 is coming. Soul Calibur 4 is coming. Mortal Kombat 8 is coming, Tekken 6 is coming, Killer Instinct 3 is probably coming. Is that death of fighting genre? Plus we also had the excellent Virtua Fighter 5 last year.

But I do agree that anime based fighters are hurting the genre. God, I hate them.

Sam Fisher4041d ago

agree with u** u even get a bubble + with that aswell

Lagman834041d ago

its true, the fighting genre has kinda fell out of the limelight in comparison to its old glory days. To call it a dying breed when games are still being made makes his point kinda moot.

as for the anime fighting games killing the genre, fighting games are pretty much the only way I can see justifying a video game release based off an anime. Problem is they have yet to figure out how to make the game good. Once they can figure out how to make an awsome anime based fighting game I can see a new popularity spike for the genre.

Now pure adventure games, those are much more rare. Same with survival horror (although the arguement can also be made that RE keeps that entire genre alive) or how about the point-and-click adventure? (i'm talkin here in the U.S, I know they make a ton of em in japan but we never see em)

Charlie26884041d ago

actually the "anime" titles were always there (but not in america at least) and were not always western main stream

blame the VERY late blossom of the anime popularity and culture in America for the avalanche and exploitation of recent Anime titles -_- (if you want)

Charlie26884041d ago

I have actually NO clue what exactly is he complaining about? first he starts with anime titles..the he goes to the lack of 2D game in which he includes Smash Bros for some reason >.> apart from technically omitting what 6-7 other good fighting games?

SO is he complaining about the avalanche of anime titles coming out?
OR the lack of new 2D fighting games? is he talking about 2D graphics or 2D gameplay?...does he even know himself what was the point of his article? why the title even? if he even recognizes there were a LOT of anime titiles a LONG time DBZ for the SNES?

and Ironically enough many of his complain were answered in the last few weeks specifically by Capcom when asked the whole "2D revival" and why is not really viable to do anymore (they said its much cheaper and faster to make a 3D fighting game than a HD 2D fighting game according to them)

my only recommendation for this guy...start reading and importing more since you don't only have Guilty Gear and Smash bros as your...mmm...well what ever he was refereing with those games

DevastationEve4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

there was always this funny idea i had a long time ago. remember erghiez? that was that 3d fighting game with the charatcers of ff7 and desgins all by the namco team (you can tell). well, i always thought that ff7 as a fighting game should've been done 2d style, like street fighter.

and remember street fighter ex? that was the 3d fighting game, that should've stayed 2d.

now, the gundam fighting games were 2d, but imho should've been 3d: it's SOOO limiting, and we're talking mechs here!

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