TGS 2006 - Lost Odyssey: Seamless Cinematic Gameplay

Another video from the Lost Odyssey demonstration at MS's pre-TGS press briefing. Jaw dropping!

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Theonetheonly5859d ago

about to say cgi but then i saw the rest of the movies.

omg im usually really hard to pleas but thats crazy my god wow the transition from cg to gameplay is seamless!!


DC RID3R5859d ago

is absolutely stunning!!!!!
gotta set the NEW benchmark for RPG's!!!!!
final fantasy looks like poke-mon compared to this!!!!!!!

the 360 is being swamped with AAA titles!!!!!!!

RuffRyder5859d ago

Mass effect will be the new benchmark for RPG's.

DC RID3R5859d ago

very exciting times for the 360 indeed!!!!

TheMART5859d ago

The new games content will kill the PS3 sales. Just simply kill it.

See Lost Oddyssey, see Gears of War, see Bioshock, watch Forza 2

For real. Gamers Jump in. Even the most talented developpers of Final Fantasy and other Japanese former PS titles have jumped in.

You'd be a fool to stay behind

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The story is too old to be commented.