First Real World LTE Tests Reach Speeds Over 100 Mbps

Nokia Siemens Networks have just completed their first real-world tests of a trial Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. LTE networks have been chosen as the next step in GSM, following UMTS and HSPA. A trial network was set up in Berlin on 2.6 GHz spectrum as testers with data cards drove cars around within a 1 km radius of the test cell. Test subjects were able to maintain speeds of 100 Mbps with peak rates of 173 Mbps. Nokia Siemens networks will set up additional test sites in metro areas throughout Germany in 2008 using test licenses the company has acquired.

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spandexxking4042d ago

i want it! and i want it now!

Capt CHAOS4042d ago

So you can stretch it in the direction so people know which path not to stand in, in fear of their brain being 'slow boiled'..

socomnick4041d ago

Bring this to the US already cmon im tired of the super slow speed on internet providers here in chicago I want more than 3.0 mbs.