Majority of all Zelda games will be on the 3DS.

It has been less than a year, and the 3DS has already become a MUST OWN for Zelda Fans.

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Jirachi3983d ago

4.The minish cap
5.four swords
6.spirit tracks
7.phantom hour glass
8.inevitable new zelda game for 3ds
9.Link's awakening dx
that alone qualifies it as the majority and don't forget these Might be coming:
Majora's mask,Oracle of ages oracle of seasons&A link to the past

ronin4life3983d ago

To be fair, 4 swords is no longer available(or is it just no longer free? I forget...) and MC is currently ambassador only, with "no plans" to be otherwise available.(Pff... yeah, right...)
Technicalities though they are, it is something to consider.^_^

Jirachi3983d ago

true but both games will be availible to buy eventually(no way will nintendo would offer such games only as freebies) and even if they don't ooa and oos are pretty much guarenteed to come to eshop.

eagle213983d ago

Love dat Zelda! I want Minish Cap to hit the eShop. I've never played it. I already downloaded Link's Awakening DX. Will play that soon after 2 more 3DS games on my schedule. :p

mume193982d ago

I don't know anything about programing or game developent but i think the 3ds can handle Wind Walker, even the size of the game can fit on the 3ds game cards. I would love to have that game on my 3ds