So you think you're hardcore? Try getting these! (Meodia)

Meodia takes a look at some of the hardest and more time consuming trophies out there that are driving completionists insane.

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dc13378d ago

Yep. Vanquish made me pull my hair out.. and I don't have any.
and R2's 10,000 Multiplayer Kill requirement made me said because I new I wasn't pouring that much time into the match play.

I do have the Killzone 2 Platinum :)

Hanif-8763377d ago

Well, i'm really proud of my Grand Theft Auto IV platinum trophy as i thought that i was never ever gonna get it.

Rynx3377d ago

I wonder how come these list forget about Disgaea 3. I'm trying to platinum that game now and it's ridiculous how much grinding you have to do. I'm logged in at over 175hrs now and I'm still barely at the halfway point.

Doomguard3377d ago

You obviously didn't read the article, Disgaea is mentioned at the very end. This isn't a definitive list, it was stated that there are more out there and covering all of them would probably make the list up to 100 entries long.

3377d ago
faysal3378d ago

ahhh got kz2 platinum but i dont have the other games, i think he should have put cod world at war dam that game kicked my ass!!!! and it had this problem where when you dont play that game it would lose your save data. every time i finished the lvl it lost my data, so i had to do the lvls over and over again untill i got the platinum :D

Fylus3377d ago

WaW was only hard in the sense that Veteran difficulty lowered your health to basically 2-shot kills and made the enemies spam grenades. It was not at all true difficulty the way Demon's/Dark Souls is.

Kinda wondering why the hell this list would exclude those games...

Doomguard3377d ago

The article does say that this isn't a definitive list, but instead just some of the many out there, and obviously it tried to focus on some of the less popular and downloadable games without platinums. However I found Demons Souls to have a pretty easy platinum, I got it in just 80 hours, which was even less than what it took me for Yakuza 3. As for Dark Souls, I have yet to play that one. If you play with spells and bows, the game was pretty easy to beat.

Fylus3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

I agree that for people that are devote gamers who can soak up a ton of in game hours can beat a game like Demon's/Dark Souls, but can you honestly imagine an average joe gamer ever platnuming Demon's/Dark Souls? Let alone even finishing one of them. You make some great points though.

Wintersun6163378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

MGS2 wasn't easy either. Beating the game on extreme and some of the VR missions we're a major pain in the ass.

Also Shadow of the Colossus' Hard Time Attack mode is pure madness, especially Colossi #3.

jthamind3377d ago

mfw nothing from NG2/NGS2.

tehpees33377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Of those I have only played GTA IV and Killzone 2. I have neither of those trophies.

@ theeg I know what press the A button is but where is go through the first door from? lol

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