Gaming’s Top 10 Stupidest Sci-fi Gimmicks

360 Magazine: Ten things that are good for nothing in sci-fi beyond looking both wibbly and wobbly…

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FailboatSkipper4515d ago

I won't be a whinging internet troll, but I will be honest.
Didn't really find any of this particularly amusing, and I could think of a decent reason for each point's existence. I won't list them, but it just seemed to be a bit of a redundant article.

Timesplitter144515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

Hexagons made me laugh

I would also add to this list :
- LEDs everywhere on armor and weapons, or those "cool-looking" LED veins on the faces and arms of cybernetically enhanced soldiers. So tired of seeing these.
- Video recordings/security cameras always look pixelized as hell and with bad audio quality even if with today's technology it already looks and sounds better
- reptilian or insect-like alien females that have boobs

thwolf944515d ago

Master chiefs "armor" has a force field so without the armor there is no force field. The metal is not for looks. Realistically it's extra protection. Read the fall of reach before you call anything a gimmick.


Report: Rainbow Six Siege to Introduce Master Chief as Sledge Elite Skin

It seems like Rainbow Six Siege will introduce Master Chief, the protagonist from the Halo series, as an elite skin for Sledge.

Sciurus_vulgaris343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Several years ago, the Master Chief should of been a guest character in Gears of War 5.

ChasterMies342d ago

Master Chief was a guest character in Halo 5.


Reflecting on 20 years of Halo with Master Chief himself, Steve Downes

Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series while teasing what fans can expect from Halo Infinite.

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Unstoppable is a Chinese film that is inspired by Halo, the protagonist is identical to Master Chief

The cinema , in recent years, is making more and more reference to the world of video games for the creation of highly successful works, such as Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, from China comes a new film 天马行空 ( Unstoppable ), which seems to take great inspiration from Halo

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Vits1126d ago

Plz tell me it's a propaganda movie like wolf warrior. That would be amazingly funny.

ShadowWolf7121125d ago

Never saw that one, so I'm curious. How was it propaganda?

Vits1125d ago

It's your traditional flair of american military propaganda but with a chinese flavor. I really recommend that you watch it. I think you can rent it on Amazon for like $4.

Activemessiah1125d ago

And of the word "copy" always seems to sit right next to china in a sentence.... naturally.

TriniOutsider1125d ago

The Chinese ripping something off?. Color me surprised...

gerbintosh1125d ago

When it comes to China, inspired = copied