Is PS3's Gran Turismo going to make you pay to play?

According to a post at Beyond3D an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi about the new Gran Turismo on PS3 in the latest issue of Famitsu has more details on microtransactions in the game.

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zypher5857d ago

this article seems to be jumping the gun a bit. there are certainly MORE questions than there are factual truths about all this; so why not just sit back a bit and wait for a final announcement from Polyphony and Sony.

specialguest5856d ago

damn...if this is true, then this is horrible news. we use to be able to just buy the game and unlock everything, now they're making us pay? if this is true, then i hope this idea back fires on Polyphony and they crash and burn.

PS360WII5856d ago

I really hope this is just propoganda. If it's not the HD Gran Turismo is doomed. :(

So I agree with #1 lets just wait for the heads to see what's really going on

TheMART5856d ago

Nice at last the wolf in sheep cloths is discovered. Not only the delaystation has been proven true, now the paystation is legit to say also.

kmis875856d ago

Way to jump the gun on a rumor Mart. Wait until the game comes out before you bash it.

PS360PCROCKS5856d ago

atleast we know now how online is free...

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