$60 game model is "going to have to change"

Game budgets continue to rise with each successive console generation, and with the Wii U launching later this year, the industry is on the cusp of yet another costly transition. Publishers started regularly charging $60 for games this generation, but that's a model that simply cannot survive, Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim told GamesIndustry International.

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Relientk772506d ago

I hardly buy any games at launch for $60. I wait for the price to drop.

-Mika-2506d ago

Stop being cheap. Games are expensive to make so it worth it to price it at 60

Ghost2502506d ago

cheap? who are you to say how someone spends their money.

DarkBlood2505d ago

cheap well look at this i bought for example that i never played before

resistence 3 for 20 dollars new and that was not even out for a year

rachet & clank tools of destruction for 10 even though thats quite old

even a crack in time was bought for ten dollars new

mika you are sorely mistaking if only you knew the power of waiting i too use to buy full price for games i want but i decided if i waited they would get cheap really fast

if the single player had been priced alone for 30 dollars or 40 max it would be of been day one but no since i choose to wait

since i will only player the single player for most games not paying the additional money for multiplayer that i wont even use 100% too many games i own use that that i dont need

Moncole2505d ago

Buy your own games and make your parents stop buying them for you.

Tonester9252505d ago

Just wondering. Why are PC games cheaper?

vortis2505d ago

Check Steam right now and tell me how much Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 disc, no booklet, no box.

Still cheap?

Disccordia2505d ago

Mw3 is not the rule though. mout pc games are cheaper. both physically and digitally. The only reason I can think of is piracy. Good question though

Tonester9252505d ago

@Vortis Well... seeing the fact that you cant have USED downloadable games they would be more expensive. But PC games are always $10 Cheaper in the store.

vortis2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Well, to answer your question.

There's no middleman in PC retail distribution. There are royalty fees that must be paid to console manufacturers (Sony and MS) that bloat up the retail costs for the Xbox 360 and PS3. I can't remember the exact figure but publishers would go broke if they tried to sell AAA games for the 360 and PS3 for $30.

I'm not siding with publishers at all, I'm just saying that it's setup where consumers and developers are being gouged from all sides, save for the PC platform, which is why you'll find most developers are very fond of Steam because of how it benefits consumers and developers.

EDIT: As for piracy, it's actually a non-factor for PC gaming. There are more PC users so piracy has naturlly gone up, but the PC market is only $4 billion dollars less than the home console market, clocking in at close to $19 billion in annual revenue. So don't buy the piracy BS that people like Ubisoft have been spewing. They don't even tell it right because they're making millions off the ManiaPlanet portal.

Tonester9252505d ago

Okay. Thanks for that. I always wondered if it would be cheaper to just game on a PC.

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Optical_Matrix2506d ago

Game prices used to be a lot higher, and yet the budgets were only a fraction of what they are now. How people can complain about game prices these days is beyond me, when some back in the day cost nearly twice the amount and could easily be completed within an hour or two. Did you start gaming this gen?

-Mika-2506d ago

Exactly. You probably going to get alot of disagrees for saying that.

Ghost2502506d ago

actually game prices relate to each other due to economical inflation. in case you don't know how economics work.

Saryk2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Because instead of 100k of consumers there are 100 million.

kaveti66162505d ago

What do game prices of the 1980s have to do with me?

You're claiming that people shouldn't complain about something because things "used to be worse."

Well, by your logic, you should never complain, about anything.

If publishers price their games competitively, they might sell more. But they don't, and when their games fail to sell, they blame piracy.

vortis2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

The PS2 era games were cheaper to make and provided gamers with awesome gameplay.

Also, Q.U.B.E. cost $90,000 to make thanks to cheaper middleware. Misinformed gamers like yourself help feed the publishing machine.

A lot of games don't need to cost $25+ million to make but publishers feed on the misinformed so they can charge you $60 and then whatever else for disc-locked content and people like yourself will buy into it because you don't know the actual cost.

Don't buy into the hype machine, man. Budgets for games vary per project and development tools are getting cheaper not more expensive. Check it out for yourself, it was more difficult to make games for the PS2 than it is to design games for the Xbox 360, yet we're getting less and less gameplay and paying higher and higher prices.

EDIT: I'd also like to point out that Nexon is the third largest publisher out there so this guy's word has some weight, and even the CEO is telling us gamers that $60 is too much. Come on, man, what does that tell you?

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FinaLXiii2505d ago

I hope it doesnt get even more expensive.

donniebaseball2505d ago

People won't buy games much if it gets more expensive

NYC_Gamer2505d ago

The software will get more expensive soon as the price of development rises.

Hufandpuf2505d ago

i hope he doesn't think the price will actually go down. The only way I see prices being lower is if major releases become F2P.

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