Mass Effect 3 Day One DLC Debate Debunked

The recent debacle regarding EA and BioWare's Mass Effect 3"From Ashes" DLC package is a sham, and their words are, given the current evidence, to be believed.

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badjournalism2410d ago

Lets completely ignore the fact that PC users are able to unlock the full content with a simple patch and no additional downloads after installing from the retail disc. Not to mention this is the 5th different explanation that EA/BioWare have trotted out on this issue. I hope EA's dick in your ass feels good.

DylanCoffey2410d ago

If you can provide to me some evidence for that claim, I will be happy to revise and/or retract my statements.

ninjahunter2410d ago

Wasnt there a good amount of the content leaked from this DLC back before beta? Dont quote me though, im saying what someone said that someone said.

IDK, if you look at this situation from a completely neutral standpoint keeping in mind that fans will exaggerate beyond repair and the fact that developers and published have been known to lie as much as politicians, i think it is fairly close to impossible to come to a strong conclusion without making assumptions.

glopez2409d ago

No retraction I see. Well one less website to visit.

DylanCoffey2409d ago

Nitrowolf's link is merely a reiteration of the video. I'm not denying that the character assets are on-disc; nobody is. Take some time to read the entire argument before dismissing it out of hand.

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Mythicninja2410d ago

badjournalism is exactly right. While I can't offer proof as the method is questionable in legality, I can offer that I have patched it, and it does unlock the character, the dialogues, the weapon, and the mission, which was already on the disk, which I already paid for. I guess charging for on disk content I already paid for is no big deal when cracked .exes are so readily available

rdgneoz32410d ago

At the end of the article, replace
"The author of the 'Requiem for EA/BioWare' video should be regarded with the same level of disapproval"
"The author of 'this article' should be regarded with the same level of disapproval".

With the "other features" listed, "new dialogue options... new cinematics, and new appearances for all squad members" is somewhat vague. They don't list what they are specifically, so how do you know exactly what will be different or if would be worth $10 extra, seeing as the character itself is already on the disc in the first place.

Also, "While the ethics of day one DLC are still up in the air, BioWare's behavior here is no worse than that of anyone else in the industry." Its not up in the air. The only ones thinking that are the ones that think its fine for a company to lock content to the disc and have you pay for it after you purchase the game. Just because Capcom and company are doing it too, doesn't mean its ok for everyone in the industry to do it.

With that mentality, all developers will start to think its OK to lock content to the disc well before the game launches and charge customers for it day one, because people will say "its OK cause others are doing it too".

DylanCoffey2410d ago

Considering that there is a considerable period of downtime between the submission of a video game for certification and production and its actual release, it's perfectly legitimate for a studio to put that period of time towards any project, including DLC for said game.

rdgneoz32410d ago

And the "complete" From Ashes showed up on the xbox marketplace on Feb 20th, when the game was suppose to come out the March 6th... It takes a bit of time for DLC to get on the store once its submitted.