Gamekult review: Blades of Time

By relooking X-Blades' heroine, Konami has taken the risk to give a follow-up to a very average game. [...] Good ideas are there but they are not mastered, and BoT misses the mark both in terms of art direction and game world. Even though the gameplay is pretty dynamic, it's quite simplistic and the introduction of returns in time is not sophisticated enough to breathe new life to the action. That's unfortunate, because the heroine deserved better.

PROS: Costs 30 Euros, pretty dynamic, returns in time add originality

CONS: Strikes lack impact, returns in time not fleshed out enough, dodgy art direction, Ayumi just won't shut up

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DevilVergilX2507d ago

still gonna buy it its 40$ and shes sexy

ShaunCameron2507d ago

Sounds about accurate. But I enjoyed it for whatever it was worth. Plus I just couldn't help but be wowed by her strut when I tilted the LS slightly upwards.