Step It Up: Activision & Harmonix

"It's no secret that competition and rivalries are usually good for the video game industry. Not only does it force developers to put all of their efforts into making the best games for their fans, but it also ensures that gamers do have choices. Unfortunately, not every rivalry results in the best situation for the gamers, as sometimes the rivalry instills a need to gain an advantage through any means possible to hurt their competition."

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Mr_Kuwabara4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Hmmm, I was thinking about a DJ kinda game with a DJ turn table peripheral. That way, they can hit other genres instead of Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal and whatnot and go with Hip-Hop and other genres in general, you know to monopolize there little different music games.

Soulja Hero: Rock A Fella

Darkiewonder4040d ago

would be a great addition to Rock Band!

bootsielon4040d ago

the violin, the flute, the organ, the harp, etcetera...

I know that there was once a game where you played an Ocarina and it is the best ever, and there was a great "Banjo" game once. Maybe they should try to get out of the "Rock" genres for once. ;)

travelguy2k4040d ago

should release "Official" Guitars and or peripherals to be used on their systems and then the game developers would code their games to work with the official peripheral. ie drums guitars, mics... whatever. In the end everyone is happy and the focus becomes the actual game and not the controllers.

Dublin_Chewah4039d ago

Microsoft has their own wireless technology that is used here and although people moaned about Guitar Hero rrp being 10 Dollars dearer it is still the same reason that allows the guitars to be used on both games. If you ask me Sony needs to enforce these decisions from their third party developers to ensure their gamers get what they deserve. I am an Xbox 360 owner but beleive you should get what you pay for and Sony should trounce these two into support their format, it makes sense for both to be more profitable and if a gamer buys both that means both companies don't lose out. I am sorry but the hardlined fact is SONY needs to enforce this just as Microsoft have made sure that these niggles wouldn't happen.