Crush 3D Dumped at Gamestop

Crush was a nice surprise on the PSP. It was innovative and certainly strange enough to warrant a cult following. When announced a follow-up would be released for 3DS, it seemed like a perfect fit. Unfortunately, though, instead of having a full retail release, the game was released on March 9th as a Gamestop Exclusive with no fanfare and a discounted $19.99 price.

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MultiConsoleGamer2410d ago

$19.99 was the expected MSRP.

klecser2409d ago

Well, it was 29.99 or 39.99 until just a couple of weeks ago when they announced the new price.

MultiConsoleGamer2409d ago

Placeholder price. Common practice by retailers.

klecser2409d ago

I guess I'm not sure how anyone "knew" that this was the expected MSRP when the placeholder price was displayed until just a few weeks ago. Is this a "I am guessing that Crush 3D will be 19.99 because it is an old game" thing or do you have some sort of insider information that allowed you to definitively know differently than the placeholder? I'm not trolling you, I just want to understand how you knew. Because for consumers like me that only see the placeholder price until the final price is displayed, I want to know how people KNOW what the price will be before the placeholder is converted to the final.

I guess what I'm leading at here is that a lot of people were surprised at a 19.99 price for what looked to be a very good update to a good game.